Trump’s Real Mission: Make Israel Great Again

By Henry Makow – Normally I do not post Makow’s stuff, as I am not too crazy about him, but this seems to be pretty darn correct on this one.


Trump’s election heralds a return to sanity on domestic policy but an alarming cognitive dissonance still exists in terms of Iran and the so-called war on terror. All of Trump’s appointees are advocates of war on “militant Islam” and blame Iran for “sponsoring terror.”  They ignore evidence that Saudi Arabia and Quatar and not Iran fund ISIS. They ignore evidence that ISIS was trained, armed and supported by Mossad, CIA and the West.  
All of Trump’s appointments point to a gratuitous confrontation with Iran orchestrated by Benjamin Netanyahu. This could easily lead to World War Three.  In the current issue of The Atlantic, Uri Friedman writes:
 Several of the president-elect’s national-security appointees have argued that the United States is at war with “radical Islamic terrorism,” or “radical Islam,” or something broader still, such as “Islamism.” They have described this war as a primarily ideological struggle to preserve Western civilization, like the wars against Nazism and communism. The war is not confined to extremist Sunni Muslims or extremist Shia Muslims; the Islamic State and the Islamic Republic of Iran are seen as two sides of the same coin. (The Coming War on ‘Radical islam’)

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