Global Collapse Already Planned Emanating from Coming US Dollar Demise!

“The Elite Already Have The Collapse Planned, ‘Operation Shift Blame’ Is A Go” BY Brandon Smith

Few American Evangelicals seem to realise that their love for the merchants and Israel is spiritual adultery which turned them from a Bride into a WHORE, fornicating with and supporting the evil mercantile war system! Like Trump is doing, cozying up to the Neo conservatives! ! They seem not to understand Revelation 17 & 18 very well, blaming the Catholic Church for the very same sin of spiritual adultery they commit! What is wrong with their spiritual perception?Blind guides of the blind!

From the least to the “greatest”, most American preachers are Christian Zionists that support a rogue state that has been committing genocide for almost a hundred years to the original inhabitants of Palestine! They are blind to the fact that their once great Christian country was undermined by the very forces they have been supporting and which turned the USA into an extension of “Israel”. The US and Israel together have become ONE! One united Whore who is fornicating away from their original husband God! Why are they so blind to that fact? Even people I know who claim to pursue truth!

And Brandon Smith misses it too, and therefore doesn’t know that America is ultimately doomed and will not join the One World Government coming from Russia and Eastern nations but will be opposing it, even though it was ordained of God! Yes! As long as it supports religious freedom it is ordained of God, just by the very fact that He lets it arrive and come into existence! When it turns against His children.. then they lose their right to govern and will have nothing but trouble during the last 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation and global persecution of Christians.

America however, as the false Israel, will turn on its Christians before that. Probably after the Crash US Fascism will take over during the Great Confusion, to try to quell the rioting and civil wars everywhere, and even sincere Christians will be incarcerated in camps and be eliminated. Even an Evangelical type of Fascism and rise of the reactionary Right!

Then the coming Ten World Government leaders and nations under the Antichrist will hate the Whore, expose her, eat her flesh, and finally destroy her with fire in one hour on one day, it says in Revelation. Brandon doesn’t know that in his secular carnal mind. America will turn away from the rest of the World, and the rest of the world will turn away from the US and finally isolate her and turn against the US, as they already are.

Brandon’s pipe dream, like James Corbett’s pipe dream, that they are going to save the world from these people, is precisely that; A dream and wishful thinking! Things are not going to get better. But they will get worse and worse! The final One World Government will be the greatest collective monster this world has ever seen, and a few alternative news blogs are not going to stop that process. It is inevitable! It seems that unregenerate Man actually deserves it! And only God’s children will eventually be saved out of this global mess by the coming of Christ and their gathering unto Him, because they are then the only ones who will trust in Him for everything, though there will be many martyrs.

As St. Paul prophesied, “In the last days PERILOUS TIMES will come!” Fasten your seat belts brethren. I wish I had good news, but at least I am not a false “peace prophet.” How about you?

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