Lamestream Media, Obama, Hillary (she’s back!), freaking out about their loss of credibility after YEARS of propaganda

Mark Dice – He sure is funny! – rakes the establishment over the coals in their inane drive to even blame RUSSIA for their election failure, where as the CIA and other Intelligence see no reason whatsoever for evidence that Russia was even ever involved. American Judas media have turned into a rancid dog and pony show trying to establish themselves as “the voice of the people” again, whereas they still suffer from their normal “weapons of mass deception” and “Kuwait incubator babies on the floor boo hoo hoo” falsification disease. God bless mark dice dicing them up.

media_propaganda_by_trosiousBut the only REAL danger is that the American people go right back to sleep again watching their televisions and reading the New York Slime, Washington Compost, and the Marxist MSNBCNMCCNN alphabet agencies of the Left Globalist Banker boys. because whoever controls the narrative controls the war machine, and that is when and where the millions will die.

Knowing the gullibility and naivete of the average Budweiser drinking Football watching Americans, and the brainwashed Leftist Liberacis, they are apt to go right back to their own destruction by walking the old beaten media paths again. And THAT’S where it concerns all of us in the rest of the inflicted world! Obama and Congress have already made sophisticated weapons available to the Al Qaeda factions in Syria to destroy them and Assad for to save “Israel” and their Ynon plan.

But what do average Americans know about “any stinking Ynon plan?” Zilts! Nada! Because they flock to the globalist Judas Media as flies to the poison sugar. Believe me; it is not going to get better. ONE FAKE TERROR ATTACK ON AMERICA and they will ALL be screaming for WAR ON THE MUSLIMS AND TERRORISTS! Even when a nuclear attack was in fact planned in Tel Aviv. And so we are in for a tough ride when the entire thing is going to blow, together with the World’s economy. Mark my words, and St. Paul’s: When they “say peace peace, THEN comes sudden destruction!”


O’er uncharted sea

                To their hearts desire

                Do men of faith set sail,

                While the beaten men

                Walk with fearful hearts

                Along life’s beaten trail.


                The men of faith will challenge

                Both men and Satan’s wrath,

                But the beaten men will compromise

                And walk the beaten path.


                Beaten roads are for beaten men,

                As they walk with measured tread;

                With tuneless souls they move along

                To dwell among the dead.


                But men of faith climb unscaled walls,

                And sail uncharted sea.

                They dare to cross conventions bounds

                To set the captives free.

–Thomas Wyatt

debt_deesMedia-fox-hunt media_pied-piper media-bias-honest-journalism-1 dees-Putin-media


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