Researching WIKILEAKS Reveals Shocking Acts By Those In Power – Two That Blew My Mind!

by Pamela Williams

Today I was researching WIKILEAKS for a purported Podesta email on a very controversial article, BUT I could not find the email to back it up. However, I found two emails that infuriated me beyond belief.
In the first email I found evidence of outright collusion by the Justice Department by Assistant Attorney General Kadzick and John Podesta to protect Hillary Clinton in her email investigation.  Kadzick and Podesta are close friends, and Kadzick was assigned by the Justice Department to investigate Hillary Clinton’s use of a home server and the leaking of classified material through that server.
Kadzick was brought in by the Justice Department for the very reason to inform John Podesta, of the investigation.  I mean his purpose was not to investigate the scandal but to keep the Clinton camp informed of the behind the scenes investigation.
This must be a federal crime of a gigantic magnitude, but yet it really has not been publized to any degree.  The following directs you to the actual email.  It is beyond me how Hillary Clinton managed to get all of these prominent figures in her pocket.  It has to be due to the company they keep…something they all have in common…dirty secrets that are being censored by the powers that be.
The second email is concerning John McCain.  Senator McCain was a POW from the Vietnam war.  I have always respected the fact that he managed to survive the horror of being a captive and actually living through what must have been a hell on earth.  I no longer care that he has that legacy…after finding this WIKILEAKS email which provides information proving Senator John McCain has no morals or compassion for the American people.
As we know when the city of Detroit, Michigan fell when GM closed its doors, many people lost their jobs.  In turn, they also lost their homes to foreclosure through no fault of their own.  Detroit, once a thriving city, is now a wasteland of homes foreclosed upon and deserted.  The city is in ruins, and it is the saddest story of the lost American dream. Anyone who would take advantage of this situation is a lowlife beyond salvation.  I am talking about John McCain.
Here is the link to an email which will explain why I am condemning John McCain’s decency. He has no soul, and he has totally sold out for personal gain the lost  American dream of the people in the state of Michigan.
Some of the content of the email is as follows:
Citizens groups today called on John McCain to drop his plan to block Macomb County citizens whose houses have been foreclosed from voting in the November election. The groups are circulating a petition to the McCain campaign calling on him to stop suppressing voters, available at
“John McCain supported Bush administration economic policies that forced families out of their homes – now John McCain wants to silence citizens and take away their right to vote, and that’s an outrage,” *Progress Michigan*Executive Director *Dan Farough* said. “John McCain should stop using these outrageous dirty tricks to silence voters hurt by Bush McCain policies.”
An expose today by online news site *Michigan Messenger* revealed that the Republican Party in Macomb County will use a list of home foreclosures to block a citizen from voting. ( Macomb County is regarded as a national bellwether for the presidential race and is home to the so-called “Reagan Democrats.”
Michigan has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation, with more than 12,000 homes in some stage of foreclosure, according to RealtyTrac. According to *Michigan Messenger*, McCain received $23,000 from David Trott, founder of foreclosure specialist Trott & Trott, which also owns the building housing McCain’s Midwest headquarters. Trott & Trott also raised up to $250,000 for the Republican presidential nominee.
“The foreclosure crisis has devastated countless families across Michigan – and John McCain is exploiting the suffering of thousands for political gain,” *Farough. *said. “John McCain should stop this outrageous plan to suppress voters in Michigan or elsewhere. The foreclosure crisis is a catastrophe that is ruining countless lives across the nation and John McCain must not be allowed to exploit it for his own gain.”
*Jocelyn Benson*, an election law professor at Wayne State University, called on Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land to protect voters’ rights, saying: “People fought for the right to vote for decades and they shouldn’t lose that right to foreclosure. Secretary Land must issue a directive that prohibits any campaign from suppressing the votes of Michigan citizens who are fighting to hold onto their homes.” The petition calling on McCain to stop blocking voters who have lost their homes to foreclosure also calls on McCain to move his Midwest headquarters from the Trott & Trott building in Farmington Hills.



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