Merry Christmas From the Paradise Post to You!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my friend. May we all have a wonderful year in spite of the bad prognoses coming our way. Rejoice though, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea and preached the liberating Gospel of Love, then Died to pay for our collective sins, and then rose again to show that we also will be resurrected soon at his Second Coming!

So, in view of all that being solid truth long predicted in hundreds of Old Testament prophecies, lest get ready for the 2nd Coming of Jesus in the clouds of Earth and in clouds of millions of his passed away followers in Heaven and millions of His angelic forces who will pluck us from this pitiful planet very soon to gather us upwards into the Heavenly City NEW Jerusalem! Are you ready?

Well you may be ready with the gift of salvation, BUT are you ready with the knowledge and personal record of the good actions you have done for Him and others in your life still on Earth? The greatest thing besides loving everyone you meet with mercy and a smile, is to tell everyone you can about Jesus and His Gospel from His wonderful Word the Bible! Have you? Are you? I hope so for you that you are not gathering riches on earth that will rot, rust or be robbed, but that you are amassing thousands of souls of people that you have loved and shared the Gospel with. Then you have treasures in Heaven, as Jesus told us to “Lay up for yourself treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust can destroy, for where your treasure is there will your heart be also!”

Where is your heart at? Is it with your new BMW? Or your fancy skateboard, drone, I-pad, I-phone, or new house, or new company? Or whatever you have set your heart on? THAT is your treasure! Right there! And if it is an earthly treasure like that, you will be disappointed for it will be corroded, stolen or lost before long and it won’t last forever!

heavcityHow much better if you make friends with as many souls on Earth as you can, and win them to Jesus while you still can and make them your forever friends! THEN THEY will be your treasures in Heaven! The only things you can bring with you to the next level, the souls of your children and friends and even of strangers. how many have you won with your personal love and testimony how you have received Christ and was baptised in His holy Spirit? That is an interesting question to ask yourself. How many souls are in Heaven because of you!?


I hope that you will have many treasures in Heaven, and bring many friends up there. You will feel so happy to meet them in Space City Park or on the golden streets of New Jerusalem! That will be an eternal MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lots of love from us at the Paradise Post


z merry_palestinian_christmas___ramzy_taweel


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