Leftist Gilad Atzmon Explains Artificial Western Division Between ASA-s & Patriots

Identitarians vs. Patriots – Elaborating on Progressive duplicity and the Rise of the Right. Very interesting analysis by atheist general leftist original Israeli Gilad Atzmon, who still stays away from the core problem: The MESSIAH ALREADY CAME, and they didn’t accept Him. As John wrote, “He came unto His own but his own did not receive Him, BUT as many as received Him to them gave he the power/right/privilege to become the CHILDREN OF GOD, even to them that believe in his Name. MUST WATCH (foul mouth alert)

He doesn’t realise that the so-called “Left” is merely a tool to divide and conquer the pagans. It shows he still believes in Socialism/Marxism, a creation of Wall Street! Also Gilad -naturally – is not a very humble meek person, but rather intellectually proud of his own “smartness.” But WE all know that knowledge puffs up, and also comes before a fall. He still misses the big true picture. He hardly or ever mentions the all Jewish Frankfurter Schule as origin of the divisive tactic of “Criticial Theory” and “Cultural Marxism”, and even makes a point that “he sees no conspiracy behind it.”

GILAD SAYS: In this Manhattan gathering I examine the ideologies that were set to divide the working people and their ability to resist Globalisation. I point at the bond between the New Left and Jewish progressive intelligentsia. Those who are interested in my work may find this talk very interesting.

Anti-Zionist Jews Laud UN Action


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