I don’t think Putin is the Antichrist – I think I’m becoming Russian!

Hear Putin blame the West for denying, neglecting, betraying the Christian roots of their left over civilisation. I think I am becoming a Russian! This man is socking it to the unbelieving, atheistic, s3ecular humanist, Talmud deceived Western cultural Marxist betrayers of the Bible, Magna Carta, Platonic philosophy, Renaissance, Empirical Science (there is no other!), freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of life, Habeas Corpus, small government as custodians for these rights and privileges, etc. Christian Civilisation it is called, with a touch of original democracy before it became a Marxist tactic to take over. No wonder Soros and the rest of his ilk hates Putin!

I just pray Putin is sincere, and not a dupe for the One World Religion that the Pope and Israel have been creating. Anyhow according to the prophets and Scripture Gog the Antichrist is coming from Magog, a country to the North of Israel! Obama is too weak and corrupt to be even the Antichrist, and Prince William? Ha! That is a real hilarious belly bumper only misinformed people with no discernment in the matter or the Word, believe in, I am sorry to say. He is supposed to spurn the love of woman, have a stern stout or proud countenance, and therefore that William does not qualify.

It shows you how close, not only Western civilisation, but every man and woman has to stay close to the Words of God, or they are lost in life, and lost in Eternity! Be saved today and change your world to Christian values. And I don;t mean churchy values. Must Watch!

They don’t even read normal books, let alone the Bible!!

I found much of this on http://govtslaves.info/ a great source of alternative true media.



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