Fat shepherd Henry Makow without discernment leads 9-11 Truth to Judy Wood? Disinfo!

This is a pretty good destroyer of several false 9-11 mythologies like: the No Planers, the Hologrammers, and finally Judy Wood’s unsubstantiated theory of “Dustification by Directed Free Energy Weapon” for which she trots out NO concrete evidence for the pulverisation of the steel and concrete other than “what your eyes can plainly SEE!” as the evidence AE9-11 Engineers, Prof. Dr. Stven Jones and Christopher Bollyn present for Nano Thermite!

This video, done by a Bible believing Grace Christian called “WIlliam Tyndale“, does a pretty good job of dismantling various 9-11 dis-info myths, except that he also criticises (with just a picture though) Christopher Bollyn who proved without a shadow of a doubt that Israel was very much involved with the setting up of the destruction and organisation of the 9-11 terror campaign, in other words doing the dirty work for the Bankers, Bushies, and the Neo-Conservatives, who then carried it forward into the murderous “War on Terror” to change the face of the Earth in the last 15 years.

Also “Tyndale” presents that the main spring of the plot is of course the Jesuits and the Roman Papist church! Though I believe they are very much involved with the setting up of the New World Order and have done great evil against God’s true church through out the ages (think also their evil pedofilia), they are not the ONE main spring behind it all, but merely one powerful one among them.

Nevertheless Henry Makow – who never told us his personal testimony of his very own salvation by grace by Jesus (does he have one?) – leads us down another disinfo path instead of real truth. I normally do not discuss the man, as I don’t want to advertise him, but this went too far again. Shun his leadership until we hear that went through THE DOOR and that he is not climbing up some other way. For his true sheep do not hear such a voice. ENJOY AND AWAKE TO 9-11 PERFIDY, if you  haven’t already.


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