Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience” Great Presentation

co2-vs-warmingcoolingAnother great Global Warming presentation, for the uninformed.

When I was out witnessing with tracts today there were 5 green clad Taiwanese kids hired by GreenPeace paid by SOROS pestering the public with Climate Change Nonsense, making them sign some petition, and explaining the pseudo science. They get PAID to do this, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. I got out 4-5 times more litereature than them. Why? Because their hearts aren’t in it. They are hirelings of the New World Order. But still they get their message across, just by their green Greenpeace uniforms. Well, I hope you will watch this great presentation, you are more inofmred then the Taipei Greenpeace hirelings!


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