Lionel Nation Interviews James Corbett @ WW3, China, Federal reserve, 9-11, & More! Must Watch! The Trump of God?

If you are American and still asleep politically, philosophically, and other callies, you ought to watch this interview and get educated. This is the core issues of our modern time and you NEED to know them, now!
SO WATCH IT DARN IT! (of course brainwashed Europeans too!)

And while I am at it. Don’t think that Trump is going to make things better. He won’t! Because ultimately, if he bucks the deep state, the shadow government, he is toast. And he is not really that knowledgeable about world affairs to be able to look through the molly coddling that the Powers That Be (behind the scenes) are doing to him. Just imagine them talking to him in very amiable terms, explaining how international power balances really work, and they lay their goals on him with their analysis that is to make the bankers richer and the weapon producers richer and the globalists closer to their One World Government.

For example he hasn’t apologised to Afghanistan for America’s cruel violent invasion of that innocent country that had nothing to do with 9-11, to Iraq where they lied their way into another cruel vicious war where 1 1/2 million Iraqis were possibly killed, and maimed and subjected to depleted uranium, and USA State Terror, nor to Syria where they tried to take out Assad because Israel wanted that, and wanted to take all those countries and reduce them to shambles to protect the “only democracy” in the Middle East. A lie that is as gross as 9-11, fashioned by the same people.

When will Trump in the name of unrighteous warmongering America apologise and offer to rebuilt the country and reimburse – if that were possible?- all the losses of lives, infrastructure, children, buildings, homes, etc. No! Of course he will not, but that – if he were real honest, that he would and should do. But there is the quintessence of evil. Power is what it is. And when you have the power it is very hard to be honest, humble, and godly, and peaceful. You think in terms of balance of power, and that causes fear that you might be losing power to the other guys, Russia and China in this case, and that explains what Trump right now is doing.

Sure he is trying to keep his promises to the American people, and put America first. But what about all the other countries who like to put their interests and sovereignty first as well. What about them Trump? You want to be a shining example to the rest of the world without intervention? I will believe it when i see it. Otherwise you are just as big and terrible a warmonger as the Bankers, the Bushes, Obama, Clintons, and everyone else. So stuff it. The rest of the world is NOT AMERICA’s JOB anymore! if it ever was!

But i am not naive, and i know the prophecies of the prophets about the Endtime, and what Daniel the prophet says about the Middle East is atrocious, where the King of the North (Russia) and the King of the South (the American president by the grace of Israel and America together) will be scrapping it out over the Middle East until Jesus returns, and even after!

After His return in the clouds when he takes out all of his resurrected children and takes them to the REAL world of Heaven, then he gives them the Wrath of God to swallow which ends with this horrendous Battle of Armageddon where they attack each other and even the armies of the Lord that wil rain down on them from heaven. But of course they won’t stand a chance.

So, in other words, don’t set your hope high on Mr. Trump, but set them on the SEVENTH Trump when the mystery of God will be finished over and done with, when Christ will reveal himself to the infidels in great power and glory. So get ready for the final TRUMP… of God!



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