The Trump-Media Circus and Continuity of Agenda

January 12, 2017 (Ulson Gunnar – NEO) – As the US media expertly divides the American public into pro and anti-Trump camps over cartoonish, unfounded personal accusations aimed at President-elect Donald Trump, Trump’s nominee for US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson confirmed before the US Congress that hostilities and agitation toward both Moscow and Beijing will only expand over the next 4-8 years.same old same old

The Business Insider in an article titled, “CNN distances itself from BuzzFeed, says Trump is using the website ‘to deflect from CNN’s reporting’,” outlined the recent rash of accusations and the political fallout in their wake, stating:

CNN distanced itself from BuzzFeed on Wednesday after the digital news outlet published a document that contained unverified claims about President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign conduct and personal life.

CNN’s decision is based on the fact that nothing it or BuzzFeed reported is actually substantiated with fact, with the Business Insider admitting:

“We [CNN] made it clear that we were not publishing any of the details of the 35-page document because we have not corroborated the report’s allegations,” the statement continued.

The fallout following the oafish, elementary lies spread by BuzzFeed, CNN, and others, represents rhetorical bait irresistible not only to Trump supporters, but to anyone with a conscience who opposes the systemic abuse that persists across the Western media. However, bait this irresistible is laid out for a purpose.

As the Public Squabbles, Continuity of Agenda Marches On

Were headlines not consumed by the crass allegations pushed across the Western media aimed at Trump, and the rhetorical backlash that predictably followed, the American public might be consumed instead by the fact that Trump’s nominee for US Secretary of State just confirmed that quite literally nothing is going to change as Trump takes office in regards to US foreign policy.


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