Big Joe Versus the Vulvano!

20170123-trumppussy-168x300shout-racistCommon Sense Hero Convicts the Pussy Stockholm Syndrome Banker Sycophants!

Big Joe made common sense prevail at the Pussy Walk in LA during the inauguration, against intellectually challenged Pussy Possessed Marxist dupes who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome in regards to the Bankers. This video was his first encounter with vulva obsessed pussy preachers paid by divisive agent provocateur Soros. They just couldn’t attack him with their Marxist weaselwords like “Racist”, because Big Joe is black! They wanted to.. but didn’t dare smacking him in the face because then THEY would be “racists” and also Big Joe was just .. well.. too big!! And so the hypocrites just stood there with their teeth in their mouth, faintly smiling out of embarrasment because Big Joe had fritzed their wiring and their programming. They couldn’t find any slogans in their short repertoire to do the subject justice. After all they are intellectual midgets without substance or any logical debating ability, as they are only trained to curse, be crude, and offend. Offend who? Offend humane humanity! Those who practice care, respect, use wisdom, yes even neighbourly love, listening ability, meekness, kindness, and more of those eternal values. But these poor products of Media propaganda are not even able to think let alone act in such terms for the sake of wholesale hedonism and nihilism. Beyond repair? I hope not. lets pray that some of these shrunken hearts will dare to learn civility love and care again from Big Joe’s big heart! He is a bold Jesus lover after all.

Second Video: This is an interview with Big Joe after his first video went viral and was seen by millions who can still think straight.


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, with 6-ft walls constructed around his 700-acre Hawaiian estate, denounces President Trump’s policies on illegals and refugees

The MSM as Open Enemy

Guess What Group Plans to “Massively” Resist Voter Fraud Investigation (Video)

Ron Paul: The Fed Is Tanking The Economy To Damage Trump

Jeremy Corbyn Marxist calls for Donald Trump to be banned from UK visit until Muslim ban is lifted

Abby Martin Blows The Lid Off The Clinton Criminal

Smearing the Trumps: Will We Become as Hateful, Insensitive and Boorish as The Opposition?

Mike Rivero says:

I must withdraw any respect for anyone who characterises President Trump, and his son, in this way; and Katie Rich, the lady who created this tweet, (“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”), that goes for you as well.

Trump’s “monstrousness” has been created by the same whorespondents and presstitutes who “informed you” that:

1. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
2. That Afghanistan had to be invaded, because it would not give up Osama Bin Ladin.
3. That Al Assad gassed his own people just when the UN inspection committee came to Syria.
4. And refuses to show you the horrific images of the results of US-enabled Saudi military assault against the Yemini people.

President Trump does not “…threaten all our values, and our human rights”; in fact, he appears to understand that the original “Contract with America” consists of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I think that this is what has traumatised so many on the left; this country got rather badly broken, courtesy of the last two administrations, and President Trump is trying, the best he can, to fix it.

The economy is broken, for most working people, due to massive offshoring and outsourcing of jobs; President Trump is trying to fix this, by changing regulations so that it will make sense for companies to manufacture in the US.

Our Veterans Agencies are broken, as are many of our Vets, who desperately need critical care, and right now; President Trump is trying to fix this.

We have an immigration system which is badly broken, and a huge influx of illegal aliens who are an absolute drain on an already broken economy; President Trump is trying to fix this.

President Obama left Trump with broken military misadventures overseas, which has already cost us far too much in blood and money; President Trump is trying to fix this.

So for all of my progressive friends still screaming foul over the last election, and occasionally crying into their play dough; please, give President Trump a chance.

He has barely been in office for one week, but he is working feverishly to fix a lot of the brokenness in which this country finds itself.

I have a feeling that at the end of the day, under the impartial judgement of history, President Trump may well be judged as one of the most centrist Presidents we have ever had.

Zuckerberg Slams Trump On Immigration: “We Should Keep Our Doors Open To Refugees”

Says the man who wanted to sue Hawaiians out of their lands and is building a huge wall around his Kauai estate…

‘Madeleine Albright supported murder of Muslims, but now wants to register as Muslim!’

Former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright supported the murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, but now she wants to register as Muslim, American political analyst Myles Hoenig says.

Can you say “Hypocrisy?” I knew you could!

Soros on the Ropes

Wayne Madsen — Strategic Culture Jan 29, 2017


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