YourNewsWire Smells Bad & so do Adl Tabatabai & Dmitry Baxter

yournewswirefalsenewsMy smell test went haywire and hackles went up, a few months ago, when I saw a false article from YOURnewswire dot com (not mine!) falsely claiming that the Smithsonian Institute had been legally charged in court for withholding or destroying the archaeological evidence of giants & giant skeletons found en masse during the 19 hundreds, as reported by many newspapers of that time. This happens to be my field of interest: Ancient history! But this was a patently false, fake report, a wicked little straw-man posted as psychological warfare to destroy this true issue in the minds of many. Why!

Because THAT is how the Enemy fights a true idea; by erecting a false idea similar to the true one – A straw-man! – which he will then attack in order to defeat the entire true issue in the eyes of millions! And “YourNewsWire” has been known to do that, immediately thereby discrediting itself as a false alternative site. They came out with another false straw-man article about something else, but that has eluded me right now. I don’t remember what it was about. I’ll find it later somehow.

These two rogues -obviously – Sean Adl Tabatabai (What a name! Persian I believe) and Baxter Dmitry are persons to be watched as moles or shills, like many others before them. Greg Palast, x, y, z, and many more.

Now, the fact that Mr. Sun worshipper & Blavatsky dupe, David Icke, first got involved with Adl Tabatabai like that, just shows how much true discernment David Icke really has. Zilz! Nada! And therefore as a source of truth he is also already disqualified.

When will people in the alternative news world begin to wake up to the spiritual reality that IF you have not been personally regenerated yet by Jesus as a newborn Child of God, that you lay yourself wide open to deception! Why? Simple! Because you will not have the blessing of His promised Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth, to warn you, help you smell sources, smell their words, or tell you things to come, etc.

Sorry David to mention you! But you made a mess of your life ignoring the Lord, deceiving yourself and  your followers. You are NOT THE son of god, nor are you YET a twice-born CHILD of God (John 1:12) for the simple reason because you have not submitted to and received the Lord. Obviously, because you don’t want to. Well, then you will be defending your Constantinople alone!

Which leads me to another constant source of wonderment to say the least and frustration to say the most. All these other un-regenerated alternative pundits and so-called “luminaries” LIKE David Icke, who flirt with and quote Biblical terms like: “the Mark of the Beast”, 666, Endtime, Antichrist, Bible Prophecy and what not, –obviously because they see it is coming true and therefore partly have begun to believe it– still refuse to say “uncle” to the Lord who delivered, predicted, and prophesied that WORD into their knowledge and understanding!

I could mention more names, but I don’t want to be nasty. I am supposed to love them, but God, how I hate their halfheartedness which does not bode well for the spiritual war that has descended upon this world, whether we like it or not. I am reading Charles Crowly’s amazing historical narrative about the fall of Constantinople right now and can see so many parallels!

These kind of people are like the treacherous Genoese in the defense of Constantinople (With exception of brave Giustianini and some others), which fell, due to the halfheartedness of the Christians inside and outside and up in Europe! Christendom, divided amongst itself, refused to send armies to defend the city, which then fell to Sultan Mehmet and Islam, and as a consequence he was soon knocking on the gates of Vienna, after they had taken over almost everything in between! If it hadn’t been for the revival of Christianity via Martin Luther and other true reformers, to purify the Church, ALL of Europe would have fallen to the Turks and Mohammedans, as it is doing now anyway, by the way.

Not that I am against Mohammedans. I am FOR reaching them with the Gospel, just as much as I would have been for reaching the Vikings, when they acted barbarian like the Turks, attacking & destroying Christian civilisation then. The only wise thing to do then, as it should be today, was to show them the love of God and help them repent and become the nice Norwegians, sweet Swedes, and darling Danes they finally became! Well, not anymore! They’re almost all apostates or materialists now. Some are even turning back to their old pagan gods becoming followers of Odin again.

When we don’t love God and love our neighbours, God’s 2 basic rules, then God will allow some razorblade of his judgment to get us going to reach our enemies! Whether they be Vikings, Turks, 3rd Worlders, or Mohammedans. God has always worked that way. When the Early Church did not obey Acts 1:8, he gave them Acts 8:1. It’s a classic example, repeated throughout history. I’ll tell you right now, for those who are not aware of it, but it is the Christian Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Philippinos, etc, who are doing most of the evangelising and preaching the Gospel to the 3rd World right now.

The reason Europe has almost fallen to the “Enemy” as Constantinople did in 1453 AD, is because of the failure of backsliding Europeans to stay true to their great Deliverer and Civiliser, the Lord Jesus, to have faith themselves to reach out to their enemies with the liberating loving message of Christ!

That is why now the Third World is the only hope left for God and Christ to work through, as Europe has gone the way of all flesh in unbelief, backsliding, and apostasy. And they are losing everything they thought they had, and are being turned over to the Antichrist Enemy. Own fault! And don’t blame it on the Muslims or on Soros. it is your own fault. God loves the Arabs

A word of caution to others who give place to Adl Tabatabai and Dmitry Baxter, like that sensationalist “alternative” blog INVESTMENT WATCH. If you repost them, you are tainted by them, and we begin to wonder who you are, as well! You will show in the future no doubt where you stood all the time, by who you will respond to these doubts.

Richie Allen Suspended From Facebook for Quoting About Sean Adl-Tabatabai Of Yournewswire

Richie Allen banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting this website’s response to the activities of Sean Adl-Tabatabai – it happens every time.

Why isn’t this man allowed to be criticised? – David Icke

So who is Sean Adl-Tabatabai?

Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Left

Sean Adl-Tabatabai is the former webmaster of, he is one half of Londons first Gay married couple, he is also  the man behind the short lived ‘The Peoples Voice’ streaming TV station.

TPV was fronted by David Icke, however Sean Adl-Tabatabai was allegedly the man behind the operation, and as it turns out the man who controlled the £471,000 that was raised by public donations.

TPV was on air for only 4 months before being closed down. Its reason for such a short life was due to the announcement that David Icke was leaving the station, shortly after Icke’s departure TPV pulled the plug.

The exact circumstances behind David Icke’s sudden ejection from TPV is not known, but it’s clear it did not end well!

David Icke made the following statement at the time:

I have now been told by the TPV director, Sean Adl, and his marriage partner, that my input is no longer required and that I should not ‘interfere’ in what Sean Adl calls ‘his business’.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai then left the UK to start a new venture in Calafornia, Most people who follow the Alternative Media will of come across Yournewswire at one time or another, the website offers Alternative news articles much the same as, and the countless other sites. The site has some good stories, it has plenty of ‘click bait’, and it is also an outlet for Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s personal hate campaigns.

If you take a look at the sites article’s relating to David Icke here I think you’ll agree this man has a serious chip on his shoulder.

The most recent article from Yournewswire , ‘David Icke To Speak In Raqqa, Syria, In Front Of 1000 ISIS Militants’, was returned with a response on

Why do you have such hatred Sean Adl-Tabatabai at

Why do you continually shoot yourself in the foot trying (trying) to damage me? People deserve to know – what is your motivation? And who benefits?

It is the above statement that Richie Allen quoted on a Facebook post, that resulted in his 30 day facebook ban.

It’s not just Icke that has been subject to these malicious attacks published at ; Zen Gardner has also been in Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s cross hairs:

‘David Icke’s Friend, Zen Gardner, Confesses He Ran Pedophile Cult’ –

and in another article from Adl-Tabatabai we see Noel Edmonds get dragged into this ‘hate’ campaign:

‘Noel Edmonds Moves To The Home Of Conspiracy Theorist David Icke’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai is not someone we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, but regardless of the reasoning behind Sean Adl-Tabatabai blatant hatred for David Icke, publishing malicious lies purely as an attack on anyone is unforgivable and really quite pathetic.

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