This Bizarre & Menacing Left’s War on Reality Was Long in the Making & Unbeatable! Sorry, but you didn’t care to catch it in time! But now it is too late

20170123-trumppussy-168x300PP Editor: The ‘New World Order’ elite & their abrasive shock troops of the Marxist Left want their globalist superstate sink or swim, and they want it quick! They have waited long enough for it, through several centuries of their setbacks, losses, infiltrations, subversions, duplicity, blackmail, Mafia crimes, philosophical fights, religious wars, corruptions, propaganda wars, take-overs, undermining, spying, surveillance, crony-ism, collectivism, their staged world wars, via their dedicated agents provocateurs, henchmen, saboteurs, economic hit-men, real assassins, shock troops of anarchist & communist dupes, and what not. Fill in the blanks yourself.

If you foolishly and naively think that Trump, Farage, Le Pen, Wilders, Orban, Frauke, or any other reactionaries are going to be able to reverse their historical successes, you are a self-deceived dotard. They don’t even HAVE to assassinate Trump to get their One World Government. They might, but in fact they have already won and their terror regime has actually already long been in operation behind, beneath, besides, and above the scenes, and Trump’s little campaign to “make America great Again” won’t ever stop it. He is most likely already contained, mollycoddled, and packed in by their moles and “experts”, and they’ll conveniently blame the Crash on him.

Even IF they don’t pull it off any other way, they could just wait until you resisting older folks are all old & doddery, outnumbered, dying, or already dead! Why? Because they have long stolen your children, your offspring, the younger generation after you. They corrupted them by installing their overt obvious agenda into them. (of course not their occult modus operandi.) And if you would try to illuminate these Millennial kids, twens, thirties, and “students” etc., you will run into a mental wall, because they are blind to it.

This naive gullible generation has been infected with their media masters’ unreasonable useless utopian thinking that hedonism, anarchy, “anything goes”, pride marches, sexual un-mooring, artsy noise, mental disintegration, philosophical haywiring, non-absolutist thinking, cultural relativity, grey-brown melting pot results, etc. stand for “freedom, equality, and brotherhood!” Where have we heard that nonsense before?

headpikeRight! It worked wonders with the naive gullible French proletariat on the streets of Paris! They wanted the head of Marie Antoinette –who had been warned against the Freemasons!– on a pike! Why? Not because she was a “racist, capitalist, against diversity & multiculturalism, white, xenophobe, homophobe fascist!?” Oh No! They didn’t use those weasel words and terms yet, then! They wouldn’t even have understood them then.

No, they hooted her down with the elite weasel words of that day, as an “anti-revolutionary, anti-republican, royalist, bourgeois swine, who told them to “eat cake” (she actually never said that! All pure propaganda!), when they were hungry because in fact the revolution sponsors had caused grain shortages in Paris just before the Bastille was “liberated” from heavy criminals and one or two idolised provocateurs!

phrygiancapsTheir T-shirts then didn’t have Che Guevara on them, because they didn’t wear T shirts yet. But they all wore the red Phrygian caps, promoted and installed by provocateurs & activists on the heads of all the propagandised, suppressed Parisians The “proletariat!” That was the first time they really used that weasel word against another weasel word for the powers they wanted to get rid of, the “bourgeosie!”

cheguevaraYou think times have changed? Well, your teens, twens, and thirties think so. They think they are quite unique to believe in “colorful diversity” whereas they are all the same grey, “tolerance” whereas they are as intolerant of real diversity & opinions as the French Proletariat was when they killed the French King who was actually willing to compromise.

waarburgNOTHING has changed, except that the powerful financial forces behind the Jacobins and their revolutionaries were still relatively smaller, less experienced than today, and not as cancerously infiltrated as now. But their fiery drive and desire for power wasn’t any less than today. Their “French” revolution succeeded, even though it wasn’t French at all. It was an occult (hidden) financial elitarian staged revolution, just as the “Russian” Revolution wasn’t Russian! They were all staged by the same wicked hidden forces as today! NOTHING has changed.

And likewise this “American, European, Western” Revolution that is being pulled off and staged right now is not American nor European either. It is staged by the same wicked forces as all the other ones in the past. And judging by the blatant revolution stoking behaviour of George Soros, they are not even trying to hide it anymore! They are proud of it and loudly proclaim their subversive roles! But the poor deluded young Millennials don’t hear, see or speak against it. They haven’t got a clue! And those half informed that DO have a little clue, have a mere worm’s eye view of it which makes them fall for yet another mere reactionary like Kerensky before 1917 Russia.

CryBulliesTrump cannot save America, because like they then engineered the grain shortages before their “French” revolution, they have already engineered the greatest Economic Crash evah in World History! It is already set up with trillions of fake money & derivatives, and it only needs a tiny flick of their finger to get it rolling down the slope, but they are waiting for the right moment to pull it off. And “diversity, racism, fascism, tolerance, equal marriage”, or whatever fake peg they gave them to hang their hopes on, is not going to stop the total global disintegration that is now on its way!
Mr Anderson I hear the approaching sound of inevitabïlity!”

This crisis, this crash, this GREAT CONFUSION, or BABYLON, is going to grind everyone’s face into the stinking muddy ground, whether they be old white “reactionaries”, or young “cool and trendy” Millennials!! And millions of us are going to die by famine, by war, by assassination, by genocide schemes that are yet to unfold. Just as MILLIONS before us were going to die in and after the “French” revolution, during and after the “Russian” Revolution, when blood ran high through the streets, killing land owners, clericals (clergy), officials, royals, etc. Anyone who was in charge was guillotined, -and may that be a lesson to the daft social justice warrior dupes & idiots of today–, even most of the revolutionaries! They all turned on each other, while the financial elite stood aside laughing their heads off! The result was utter chaos, complete confusion, and cruel carnage.

Well, we all have to die some day, but it still is of utter importance to know where you go after, whether you believe there happens to be life after life, or not. The cruel stagers of chaos and confusion and death, have deceived themselves that there is either nothing after expiry date, or that they will join their illuminated lord Lucifer! They ostensibly believe that he is the ever merciful one! Ha! Talk about naiveté!

But the naive most UN-educated generation in the history of the United States or European Union doesn’t realise any of that. Yet, you can hardly blame them for being so ignorant, because they never stood a chance. They were never really educated! I mean REAL education. Not artsy art & dance, mainstream media “journalism”, computer programming slaves, industrial design slaves, Mafia law students, biological engineering of hybrid slaves, or BMA slavery students. No! I mean real history (not the Darwinian pop kind), real philosophy (not NO-absolutes relativism), real debate (not micro aggressions), real political science & international relations (not studying the history of the conquerors), real science to free man from his burden like Tesla and Edison desired to do until later thwarted by J.P Morgan and the oil soaked Bankers who had different plans for humanity! Etc.

Well, in case it makes any difference in the lives of a chosen few, I am willing to spell out the present wicked campaign and agents provocateurs behind the bitter division and planned confusion of today! Maybe some eyes will open, but I am afraid it won’t change our fate. Also I would encourage those who see through it all, to not get all cocky and self righteous in their dealing with these hoodwinked whippersnappers, because it just makes things worse. They’ll harden even more than they already have. Besides what answers do those of you who deride them to Hell, have to offer them? A better society? A better plan than Trump? The war is almost over, and the only solution for anyone really, is spiritual salvation in Jesus Christ. Nothing else can save anyone of us. This world has been doomed by the indifference, lack of love, lack of faith, lack of real values, lack of natural life and affection, etc. into the dismal abyss of today’s dystopian end game. Look up for salvation!

The Left’s campaign is supported by…

  • The globalist Bankers, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Rothschilds, Soros, R’Fellers
  • Transhumanist neo-technofiles like Billy Gates, Kurzweil, Smith, Suckerberg, etc.
  • Controlled Mainstream media, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, & other social networks
  • The pedofile blackmailed swamp of Washington & European political globalist leftist EU.
  • Hollywood actors, singers, musicians, trendy “liberals” & hedonists who would make Plato blush
  • Comedy Central, Maher, Oprah, types. You name it. Laughing the truth away!
  • Young propagandised activists, feminists, globalists, greenies, socialists, LBGT-ists, etc.
  • “Neo Conservative” Warmongers rooting for and organising World War III.
  • The military industrial complex corporation heads & CIA bozos
  • The Dewey educational marxists who destroyed generations of young people
  • The list goes on and on and on…more than we have space & time.


These people and groups, long propagandised in Marxist political correctness, think in weasel terms like “diversity, xenophobia, racism, tolerance, one world, atheism, anti-religion, global thinking, melting pot, islamophobia, Capitalists, Fascists” etc. They will not and can not see another perspective. They are blind to it. The young have been long programmed by infiltrated education and “academia” that are not out to educate but to install this dumbed-down group think.

The young generation was kept ignorant of millennia old philosophical and religious wisdom, natural ways of Man, traditional ways of thinking, real human rights like Magna Carta, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom to disagree, because they don’t allow freedom to disagree with their pre-programmed, systematically imprinted mind sets from their “understanding, soft, sensitive” deceptive teachers. These “educators” required hardly anything from them other than adopting their Leftist Globalist mindset and weasel terms! This nefarious mindset, which was installed as soft-mal-ware into their collective impressionable minds from kindergarten by brain-dead tele-tubbies, was never supposed to be challenged by “hurtful” debate, absolutes, empirical scientific rigor, nor any disagreement. These concepts were obstacles to their programming of the masses of doomed kids.

These individuals subject to this kind of group-think – as the Warmists – do not debate, because in their self-righteousness “there is already a consensus & the debate is over!” They are also taught to insult, attack violently, use pejoratives, and even cause bodily harm as they do now! They don’t care that they have double standards, push and shove, because they are totally convinced that YOU ARE WRONG! Unbeatable logic. Ha.

But again: Try to help them with kindness, patience, understanding, real tolerance, no self-righteous name calling, etc. Because they are indeed mentally the softest generation ever, totally conditioned by these educational Marxist Orcs. Don’t blow too hard on the snow flakes. They won’t melt, they will explode! It is hard to reach out to them. I try several days every week at universities and shopping streets. And it is much easier here in Taiwan! They call them strawberries!

So, make friends, love them by showing them that you like them. They don’t get that real spiritual love from their handlers, over there in the West. I wish all of you success in your exploits to save some from the storm to come. may God help us and be with us. Amen.

Here is the article re-post that triggered the above:


[1/31/17]  The scale of protests one week into a presidential administration is unlike anything in American history, but the rabid demonstrations also often appear unprecedented in their anger.

And in their disconnect from reality.

For instance, through his spokesman, former President Obama claimed his 2011 executive order was different than President Trump’s recent immigration order because “the president (Obama) fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.”

However, the text of Trump’s executive order calling for a temporary ban on immigration from seven countries does not include the word “religion.”

Or “faith.” Or “Muslim.” Or “Islam.”

In fact, the list of seven countries named in Trump’s order came from a bipartisan bill Obama himself signed into law, restricting visa waivers for people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen.

Obama’s criticism of Trump’s order simply is not accurate because he is objecting to something that demonstrably did not happen: categorizing immigrants by religion or faith.

And yet that claim is the basis for virtually all the leftist protests against the order.

In parallel with the left’s disconnect from the facts, its protests have become increasingly surreal. In some cases, menacing and threatening.

A stunning case in point was the rant delivered by a Black Lives Matter speaker at an anti-Trump rally in Seattle over the weekend.

A woman who described herself as a preschool teacher declared, “We need to start killing people.”

“First off, we need to start killing the White House,” she added. “The White House must die. The White House, your f—ing White House, your f—ing presidents, they must go! F— the White House.”

And, “F— white supremacy, f— the U.S. empire, f— your imperialist ass lives. That s— gotta go.”

While that may be an extreme example, anti-Trump protests often have become bitter, hostile and, in some cases, delusional.

Writing in Townhall, former clinical psychologist turned conservative writer Timothy Daughtry called it the “Left’s War on Reality.”

He says the tactic is “to push a false view of reality and to convince mainstream Americans that their common-sense views are somehow extreme.”

An example would be how “The belief that refugees should be carefully vetted in order to keep more terrorists from exploiting our generosity is attacked as ‘xenophobic.’”


One thought on “This Bizarre & Menacing Left’s War on Reality Was Long in the Making & Unbeatable! Sorry, but you didn’t care to catch it in time! But now it is too late

  1. very factual – the Cerebrus of Modern Babylon will release hell on earth – one head is the politico-religious city state (Vatican), another is the financial economic head city-state,The City – of London- within the bounds of London UK, and the military-enforcement city state (head) Washington DC. Revelation 18 describes it as it documents the fall of the commercial head

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