Methinks the World Government facilitates populist nationalists to blame the Crash on, like Le Pen?

I was talking with some French friends of mine the other day and told them that I wouldn’t be surprised that Le Pen wold win. they said No No No! Only if some terror attack would happen (false flag) then perhaps she had a chance to beat Fillon.

And since then Fillon had a grand scandal and yesterday some patsy -probably- cut some guards in the Louvre, of all places. And explosions were heard in Paris.

Is the World’s Deep State defacto World government facilitating the nationalists, or the populists, as they call them, to get into power? It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Because the Crash is coming and now most people wh are in the know justly blame the bankers of course, but the general public is so naive and gullible that these new nationalist leaders could easily be blamed for the Crash that was not engineered on their watch, but long before.

So, keep your eyes open for more nationalist “populists”, whom they might even call Capitalist Fascists and Racists as the left arm of Wall Street is already doing in Amerika! Because if this phenomenon increases, you can bet your boots that it was organised that way. I mean they staged HITLER some 80 years ago, so seeing how their influence and power has increased, they ought be able to stage a lot more and a lot better than before.


The Express said the following:

Road clearing for Le Pen? Fillon’s chances ‘in tatters’ after scandal
FRANÇOIS FILLON’S presidential dreams are “over”, according to a leading French journalist following “fake job” allegations aimed at the candidate’s wife.

Pierre Haski, the founder of Rue 89, appeared on BBC Two’s Newsnight and gave his damning prediction on the fate of the Republicans hopeful.

It comes after M Fillon’s wife Penelope was paid hundreds of thousands of euros to work as a parliamentary assistant and satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaine claimed that she did not do the work she was paid for.

The presidential candidate has denied the claims and said everything was above board.

Speaking of the controversy Haski said: “My feeling is that it’s over. He’s trying to resist but he’s an embattled candidate.


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