Taiwan Should Check New Zealand Beef & Dairy Products on Ractopamine as Russia Bans

After having banned beef in the past from the United States because of Beef tainted by Ractopamine, the Taiwanese government ought to take a hint from the Russian government who just issued a temporary ban on New Zealand Beef! Russia today reported the following on February 3 2017:

“The Russian agriculture safety watchdog has imposed a temporary ban on imports of beef and beef products from New Zealand, effective February 6.

“The measure comes after the feed additive Ractopamine, a stimulant fertilizer for promoting muscle growth, has been discovered in some samples,” the watchdog spokesperson said.”

If the Russian agriculture safety board deems New Zealand beef dangerous for human consumption, it is high time for the Taiwanese government to do a rigorous safety check on New Zealand beef to see if these concerns are legitimate, and take appropriate action to protect the population from the adverse effects of rectopamine.

This is what Russia Today had to say in the past about the former courageous stand of the Taiwanese against Ractopamine in US beef.

The American meat industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow, but in Taiwan American meat imports are unwelcome. The country has placed a ban on meat originating from the US due to the presence of Ractopamine in the meat. The drug is an additive that helps stimulate leanness in livestock and now the Taiwanese government is considering lifting the ban. The motion has sparked massive protests.

Ractopamine is a beta agonist drug that increases protein synthesis, thereby making the animal more muscular. This reduces the fat content of the meat and increases the profit per animal. Beta-agonist drugs, as a class, have been used in US cattle production since 2003. Ractopamine is administered in the days leading up to slaughter, and as much as 20 percent of it can remain in the meat you buy.

Animal research has linked Ractopamine to reductions in reproductive function; birth defects; increase of mastitis in dairy herds; and increased disability and death. FDA records show ‘death’ is the most-often reported side effect. The Center for Food Safety, together with the Animal Legal Defense Fund recently sued the FDA, maintaining it is illegally withholding records pertaining to ractopamine’s safety. The ONLY type of meat recommended for eating is organically-raised, grass-fed or pastured meats and animal byproducts.

“New Zealand food standards are among the highest in the world, and we are committed to producing high-quality, safe meat for domestic and overseas consumers,” a spokesman said. The stimulant is allowed in pork feed in New Zealand but is prohibited in beef or sheep, according to Tim Ritchie, chief executive of the Meat Industry Association (MPI).



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