Europa & Amerika! Read & Weep! See the links. I can’t do the subject justice


Gaddafi tried to warned them

Europe does not yet realise what is happening to it. A repeat of the “Russian” revolution and the first few years of its reign where “black Marias” kidnapped Russian citizens in the middle of the night from their homes and families and helpless neighbourhoods, to be whisked away to the massacring cellars of the Cheka or the NKVD, or straight into the gulags in the East of Siberia to slave, pine, or just die away in untold suffering. You can read it all in the books written by Solzhenitsyn about the gulag and the 200 years.

The NWO Elite, or Kabal, whatever you want to call them, the evil Luciferians, are hellbent to destroy Christianity! It is not about Syria, Iran, or Russia, or Crimea, or the Ukraine, alone! It is about the end goal of Satan: The destruction of Christendom and the death of God’s children! All the other stuff is window dressing for just that one goal. Don’t be deceived. It is not about Suckerburg’s money desires. Nah, It is just that Satan uses them to set the stage of the final massacres. And all the other scions of the “merchants” are all the same tools and useful dupes. Oh sure they are willing dupes, but they are not all fully in the know.


Just like the Pharisees didn’t even know that murder was already in their hearts, when Jesus accused them way before the deed, “You seek to kill me”, and they answered “WHO seeks to kill you? You have a demon!” They flatly denied it, but it was already in their hearts, almost from the first day when he did the miracles in Capernaum. It says, “and they went out discussing how they might destroy him.”

In the “Satan Lives” link below you will see the description they give of dangerous “right wing” families: the picture they paint is of nice Christian families! They are the ones first on their bloody menus. Nice Christian Europe was long on the menu and about to be served up for destruction and consumption. In view of the long accomplished 60-80 million genocide of Russia, Europeans are long overdue! They used to be too strong, too Christian, too knowledgeable, too well defended. But not anymore!

The older aware generation is slowly dying or even being euthanised in doomed Holland and Belgium, and the young people have no clue they are being set up as useful dupes of a Marxist massacre. This time not by the Marxist stooges themselves. Oh no! They have connived, set up, brainwashed, imported and armed low-class uncultured Arabs and Africans led by motivated criminal Mujahedin embittered by years of Abu Graib and Guantanamo treatments, ready to cut the “infidels” to pieces.

Notice that I don’t call out the Arabs nor the Africans, nor any religion, ad hoc. Because in essence it is not a religious or racial conflict, although it is being cast that way, staged like one. No! That is what they want us to do, to hate races and religions, but how can we hate as peacemaking God’s children, when we are supposed to love our enemies! Besides, we have lots of Arab and African brothers and sisters in the most multi cultural family on the face of the Earth!-The Family of Jesus Christ the King! It accommodates all races, instructing and inspiring us all to love one another in sweet fellowship!

No, it is not Arabs’ and Africans’ fault. It is the fault of the conniving warmongers who are dividing and conquering the world by division! They are Satan’s brood that cause the hate, the “demonstration” violence, and the final bloodshed, led by their agents provocateurs. But that picture won’t be given you by watching or reading the Devils mainstream media. THAT’s why Jesus via Paul instructed us, “Be NOT conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds” through reading His Precious Word! That is why you will be a traitor to yourself, your family, your neighbourhood, your culture, your nation, when you entertain these Judas media liars, including FOX by the way! FOX does not love you and will set you up wrong from the right side – that is also not RIGHT! So beware when you go slopping through their channels filled with treacherous lying waste and offal that will soil your mind and mindsets.

“Come ye out from among them,” does not mean to go live in the woods or forests, although it might help to live in the country side. No! It means that you train your mind to extricate itself from the common brainwashing, from the media propaganda machine, and to familiarise yourself with His WORD, mind-wash yourself with the Lord’s instructions, so you have something to answer to the filthy who happen to seek an answer. Do not be polluted by the world means; cut your TV cable!

Poor Europe though, is in for a hard ride. They have set the West up for a horrible economic crash (and the rest of the world as well) where it will hit the hardest! Jesus predicted and foresaw it, saying, “and there will be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes in many different places!” Look what happened to Italy recently twice! It is only the beginning folks. now the vegetables are getting scarce in Europe. They have already long depleted the national granaries, and food stocks, that they used to have. They sold them off to make money to pay back their debts, also your insurance and pension funds by the way. That wonderful system of socials and state subsidies will end the day they pull the rug from under the populists and nationalists they are now allowing to take over, so they can take the blame and the punishment for the economic malaise the Bankers and their socialist henchmen have created.

I have sympathy for Europeans! But not so much. They have vilified and persecuted the true Children of God for many decades and banned them from their coasts in unbelief, rebellion, and mockery, but presently poor Europa is being brought to her knees, and many of those scoffers are now finally beginning to see the Light and wake up. And if they pray and repent and seek the Lord, he will hear from heaven and “heal their land”, not their Continent though, but their personal ‘land’ of heart, soul, and mindset!

But Europe is worse off in some ways than poor Amerika, because there are so few believers left there. But HE will have mercy on the stragglers and doubters and scoffers more than on the unrepentant warmongering American part of the Family of God. They will go to Heaven, sure! Saved is saved! But the judgment will sit and go over their corroboration with Satan’s wars and merchants who caused them, and hold them quite accountable.

We are all sinners. We are all bad. But when we turn on other countries, massacre innocent nations that never did anything to us, then we are in a pickle. Iraq NEVER attacked the USA, The UK, nor the rest of Europe. Remember that.

Anyhow I was not going to make this long. Check the links, cull out the racist parts and apply it to your selves, and may we all be wise and spend the rest of our sojourning in winning others to His Kingdom! In Jesus Name, amen. Lord HELP us! Lord, have MERCY on us, TURN to us, and HEAL our mental and heart lands, as our physical lands are slowly but surely being destroyed by the Antichrist forces swallowing up the Earth.


Iran FM Javad Zarif responds to a reporter’s question regarding Ballistic Missiles

Satan Lives and his Spawn Stalk the Land

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Barks At Russia



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