Mainstream Fake News Backfiring BIG TIME!

washingtoncompostThe Devil always kicks himself in the teeth when he tries to kick the truth out of the picture. He is an arch deceiver, and the Mainstream Media is his channel. Why are these Judas Media Mainstream at all? Because they are bought and controlled by the banksters and other rich heads of high finance and corporocracy. And that is TRUE news! And many people are waking up to this reality now. If they had read our article at the top of the blog Can we trust the Media when it came out long ago, they would have chucked out their trust already a long time. But they have been enthralled by Big Media, Big Hollywood, Big TV, Big Newspapers, big news syndicates like Rothschild’s Reuters and Associated Press and The Economist, etc. But finally the masses are waking up.. and the real Fake News HATES it, and it is kicking back big time. Are they ever sorry that they — of all agents — started this “fake news” campaign in the first place. Check these links and articles on HOW it is kicking back.

CNN’s Don Lemon Freaks Out, Ends Segment After Being Called ‘Fake News’

A triggered Don Lemon threw a hissy fit and silenced one of his guests before abruptly cutting to a commercial Friday after being called “fake news.”

Fake News Tries To Smear Trump As Anti-Semite; Backfires Miserably

Reporters who tried to portray President Trump as an anti-Semite had egg on their faces after it was revealed that the Jewish man he supposedly insulted was a big Trump supporter. During Trump’s press conference yesterday, Jake Turx from the Brooklyn based Orthodox Jewish weekly Ami Magazine asked Trump about anti-Semitic attacks.

Fake Scholarship on “Fake News”

It was with some surprise then when I ran across a monograph published by the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), of all places, entitled “Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election.” It will cost you $5 if you want to get it from them, so if you want to check what I have to say about the work you need to go to the Stanford University site where one of the paper’s two authors, Matthew Gentzkow, is employed as a professor of economics. The other author, Hunt Allcott, is an economics professor at New York University.

Their paper is long on scholarly trappings, methodological razzle dazzle, and especially on innuendo, but it is very short on good scholarship. Without the insidious, establishment-supporting innuendo, in fact, it really amounts to little more than a showy belaboring of the obvious.

‘You’re JUST like CNN’ Trump LASHES OUT at BBC reporter in fiery ‘fake news’ clash

DONALD TRUMP belted the BBC during an astonishing press conference as he compared the British broadcaster to CNN.bbc_wtcBBCFederal Judge rules that CNN puts out “Fake News” with “actual malice” (Who knew???)

Whenever watching legacy “Main Streem Media” (pursuing a Corporate agenda) there is a good chance it is misleading. There is no way to tell what parts are inaccurate or not. Therefore, NOTHING they report can be considered accurate until after corroborated with a non-Corporate source.

Discredited Brian Williams: Trump Trying to Discredit Media!

President Donald Trump is trying to discredit the media, according to MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who discredited himself over a fake news story during the Iraq War, claiming that he was shot down!

Trump: ‘Fake media not happy’ with Press Conference

President Trump on Friday tweeted Rush Limbaugh’s praise of his first full press conference as president, saying the “fake media” is not happy after Thursday’s headline-making White House event.

I REPORTED FAKE NEWS FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS !udoulfkotteTrump Declares CNN, NYT, CBS, ABC And NBC Are “The Enemy of The American People”

If you thought that yesterday’s press conference was “ranty and ravey”, it appears President Trump just turned the anti-‘Fake news’-media amplifier up to ’11’, declaring CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS , The New York Times (but not The Washington Post?) as “enemies of the American people”…

‘Horrible Fake Reporting Makes It Much Harder To Make A Deal With Russia’ – Trump

In his first solo press conference at the White House, US President Donald Trump announced his new nominee to head the Department of Labor and berated reporters for “fake news” about his administration.

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