Do not be deceived by propaganda politics played out by the fake mainstream media. The US DEEP STATE IS PREPARING FOR SERIOUS WAR! WORLD WAR 3! It doesn’t even matter anymore whether Trump is for real or not, or if he will survive, seeing the massive military material and troop transports to Both Western and Eastern Europe, there is going to be war whether Trump likes it or not!

It is not a question of IF but of WHEN! And it is going to involve again much of the world, like last time. Death and maiming of millions of us normal humans. Economic collapse all over the world causing shortages of food, water, electricity, all around famine, and all the ensuing suffering! Why? Because I guess that is what the world seems to deserve! “You don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need!” is the truest wisdom the Rolling Stones ever uttered. WATCH AND WEEP FOR THE MISERIES THAT ARE COMING UPON US ALL!

U.S. NATO’s Aerial Units In Europe. Now, The Helicopters Come In Waves After M1 Abrams.

NATO Heavy Military Equipment In Poland. Anti-Aggression Or Russia’s Challenge?

This war will also be the beginning of the End for America and the Americans who do not care what their evil regimes are doing all around the world. They blame the Muslims? I blame their regime that created Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Bortherhood, via Abu Graib, Guantanamo, and other CIA intrigues. Lets face it: The several American top and leadership ranks are some of the most evil people this world has ever seen or known in history.

EUROPE IS HIJACKED BY CIA & MOSSAD! I am warning the naive Western Europeans AND Eastern Europeans, seriously, how they are being taken for a grandiose propaganda ride instilled by the evil CIA and MOSSAD operatives via their blackmailed pedophile politicians who HAVE to do their bidding, or else… They are corrupted to carry out the Bankers CIA agenda to create this World War, no matter how many are going to die. Woe also unto the American soldiers who are willingly risking and sacrificing their puny lives to this horrendous war machine again. Sorry! But YOU NAIVE STUPIFIED IDIOTS ARE NO HEROES! You are merely deceived cannon fodder of the Deep state attacking Russians and Arabs, Syrians, Persians, Afghanis, Pakis, etc. for weapon producers profits and their globalist pipe dreams.

sandcolormilitarytruckMay God deliver this world from American warmongers! Also you are not going to win this war against Russia and the Middle East! Russians see you coming already in their viziers and are plentifully prepared to burn and bury you in your steel Abraham tank coffins. Your air force is nothing compared to their latest planes. Your ships are sitting ducks for their cruise missiles. Russians are experts in land warfare! You are doomed, and you will not see Tennessee alive again!

I hope you have at least sincerely received Jesus in a rare moment of lucidity in your past, so that you can go to Heaven for free, but without much rewards due to your warmongering. Most American soldiers are no high moral Hacksaw Ridge or Sergeant Alvin York material, but just average media slaves who hardly read their Bibles. THAT’s why they signed up! Please God deliver us from warmongers! What a fate! What a future! A bleak future for us all living in this evil world. JESUS COME SOON!

How Many People Would Die in a War Between the US and Russia?

From the frying pan into the fire. One does not have to look far to find the people who are heading up the war planning. Yesterday, President Trump appointed Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, an army strategist, as his new national security advisor.

The selection of McMaster is broadly seen as a concession to Trump’s anti-Russia critics in the political and intelligence establishment. He is the leading figure in an Army project called the Russia New Generation Warfare study, whose participants have made repeated trips to the battlefields of eastern Ukraine to study Russia’s military capabilities and devise strategies and weapons systems to defeat them. McMaster has called on the US to prepare for high-intensity conventional war with Russia, involving not only long-range missile systems and stealth aircraft, but also “close” combat.

Exclusive: Russian Bank Docs Show How Putin Laundered Money To Hillary & Podesta

Congress may want to examine concrete evidence showing Russian President Vladimir Putin paying Hillary Clinton and John Podesta for a long time before the mainstream media goes even more overboard trying to fabricate a tie between Putin and President Donald Trump.

Why Do “Progressives” Like War? – Philip Giraldi

Ironically, pursuing a reset with Russia is one of the things that Trump actually gets right but the new left won’t give him a break.

Liberals are supposed to be antiwar, right? I went to college in the 1960s, when students nationwide were rising up in opposition to the Vietnam War.

As I look around now, however, I see something quite different.

The lefties I knew in college are now part of the Establishment and generally speaking are retired limousine liberals. And they now call themselves progressives, of course, because it sounds more educated and sends a better message, implying as it does that troglodytic conservatives are anti-progress. But they also have done a flip on the issue of war and peace.



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