Those that preach but do not, the cause of World doom! – “Moral Celebrities!” Pew!

Don’t really like foul mouthed Moslem hating Watson, but this is an exception. I dislike the hypocrite celebrities even more! These are they, deceived by riches, into thinking they are “the moral luminaries” of the 21st century. Despicable!
And how many billions – collectively! – of human beings they have deceived along with themselves, ready for Hades? God only knows. For example all the young people Rowling has deceived into her “Witchcraft 101 for Dummies” course! She threw her 20 silver coins towards the creation of Harry Potters Field “to bury strangers in!” Those that through her devilish influence and demonic ghost writing deceived at least 1-2 billion young people into the Netherworld, except for a miracle of God’s Love and Mercy to save them from the gaping jaws of spiritual death now and hereafter. What a world! These people are bringing on the End by destroying the last remaining moral vestiges of Christian civilisation!


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