The People’s Enemy Media Empire Strikes Back – Will The People Rebuke It? How to prepare for the Confusion!

Trump Triggers The Media As They Push For Impeachment! 

In this video, Vin Armani shows how Trump is triggering the media to the point where they’re plotting his demise.
Watch the full broadcast here:…

IF the “deplorables” rise up against the Marxist Media Empire and their Banker bosses the leftie zombies will rise up against them and it will mean… Civil War! Perhaps that is the very thing that the enemies of God are trying to trigger. VIOLENT DIVISION! Because then the USA is lost. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand! Jesus said it himself.

Is this “the travail” predicted in this following pertinent 1965 prophecy?
It says, “Be NOT deceived by the great society (America) for it will come to travail, and THEN bring forth the Great Confusion! BE PREPARED!!!”


What Does Be Prepared Mean?

How are we to know what BE PREPARED means?
I can only guess that it means that

  1. We need to be prepared…first…against any deception itself! Why? Because just as many people as gullible teenagers were not prepared for the lies of the 9-11 and believed every deception the lying fake media was then dishing up for the lying government, they are going to do the same again! Why? To roll out the rest of their devious plans. We were told the lies that…
  • The buildings came down by kerosene fire (impossible)
  •  Osama Bin Laden sent the planes. (impossible)
  • We needed to attack Afghanistan, and…
  • Attack Saddam Hussein (who had nothing to do with it) and Iraq, because of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
  • Then we fell for all the security laws, taking off our shoes, turning in our bottles before flying, as direct results of the lies
  • Then we became ALL “enemies of the state!” and they started to REALLY snoop on us all.
  • They took away more and more freedoms and especially freedom of speech.
  • And they began to build HS FEMA camps to round up undesirables, just as they put dissenters in gulags in 1917 Russia! Are you prepared?

2. We need to be prepared spiritually! For what! For the Great Confusion! Why! Because if we are ALL confused, confounded, scattered, destabilised by some very shocking news and very cataclysmic event, we will not be able to function very well, be composed enough to think straight, to be able to help ourselves, and those dependent upon us. In order to be prepared spiritually, you need to expect the worst and hope for the best. You need to have an anchor in your soul. You need, of course, to trust the Lord that He will be with you in the fire, in the river, in the earthquake, in the confusion, in the accident, in the loss of loved ones, in the injuries, wounds, sickness.

When we are down, THAT’s the time that the Enemy of our souls viciously attacks with his demons, flooding us with full frontal spiritual attacks.
I was in a car accident once with some Christian brothers. I was least hurt of all, and one guy was badly wounded. I had to drag him out of the flooded rice field, but a bad spirit hijacked him and he began to grunt and crawl back into the water! I had to pull him out three times. Then I finally got him on another car en route to the hospital. But as I was the only one that could function I got an amazing super unction to help everybody. I was strong, collected, multi-functional, and did things efficiently with such a presence of mind, that I was amazed at myself, only to realise afterwards that I got possessed by an angelic presence! It was astounding. After I got everyone taken care of, the nurse asked me, “when are you going to take care of yourself?”
I said, “Oh I am fine!”
She said, “I don’t think so! You should see your back!”
Only then I began to realise that I had pain in my back. My back had pretty deep bleeding cuts and I had 14 stitches done on my back. Ha! I hadn;t even felt it until then.

Let me tell you, when the going gets rough the tough get going they say. Well, I am not tough, but God can make you tough by Holy Spirit possession. So trust in God is the best preparation after you are prepared against the system media lies and their false recommendations. I believe America is going to get another huge false flag attack, done by the Enemies of God and then blamed on Iran, Syria or even Russia! As they are doing now. So be prepared not to believe the media lies. You know! They have always lied to us, deceiving us into war after war on innocent countries that never made war on you in the first place. THAT’s why now finally it is coming home to roost. So if you are a real Christian, for God’s sake, don’t believe all the claptrap media lies when it happens. BE PREPARED!!!

And BE PREPARED to put your trust immediately in the Lord when the dung hits the fan, to trust Him completely, and rely on Him totally, for this thing that is predicted and coming is going to be worse than 9-11, and will knock the entire world for a loop.

So how can you be prepared for such a thing? It starts today! You need to know you have Jesus in your heart. You need to come to Him as a liitle child and sinner and get baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! The HG is what you are going to need the most in serious troublous times like that. But I tell you one thing, if you don’t know at least your Gospels, then the HG has not much to work with to feed you, to instruct you, to shoot into your mind, because the HG will only use the WORD that you have collected in your heart and mind and have committed to memory. So start reading the Bible every morning. Don’t just rely on a Bible study, or a weekly church service. You need to have a personal relationship with His Word and With His Spirit, via His Word. Or you are going to be no good, a lost puppy, unable to help others in this coming emergency.

3. BE PREPARED physically. This GREAT Confusion and Crisis and Upheaval is 90 % sure going to be resulting in a great world war and economic collapse. Normal life, normal services, normal transport, normal supermarkets, normal energy and electric power, normal garbage collection, normal water supply, normal circumstances will be impaired on a scale from 10 to 0, depending where you live, if your country is involved or attacked, if there is oil to make the trucks run and supply the super markets, or to generate electric power. there might be back outs or brown outs! There may be little or no food for sale. Your money may have lost part or all of its value to buy things. Contrary to World war 1 and 2, this thing is going to effect the entire world in some way or another! Are you ready and prepared for such a difficult time? Are you living in a city with millions of other people?

I can’t tell you how to prepare physically because Your situation may be totally different than mine. But whatever the situation, you should do what you can and then stop worrying about the rest that you can’t do, and trust the Lord with all your might for that rest. As he said, “by taking thought you cannot add one cubit to your stature. So why do you take thought for the rest?”

So, if you have the Lord, you know that Heaven is only one heartbeat away, and dying will be the easiest thing you ever did. The pain will be gone as soon as you left your body and you are free to fly home with your angel guide. Good riddance of bad rubbish. Blessed are the Dead in Christ!
But until that time! That is where the trouble lies. How to cope, how to pray, how to cry out to God to save us in dire circumstances.

So make sure you are prepared my dear family. Do not go on business as usual, because the travail is beginning, the labour pains have started, and it is going to hurt one way or another. BE PREPARED!





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