No Snowball Chance In Hell For Recovery in Trump Dream America

Everything will grind to a halt over a debt ceiling no one wants to vote for. 20 trillion dollar! Federal spending will come to an end around March 15?? OMG. Trump has inherited a 30 years debt mass.  There is NO RECOVERY coming. Don’t deceive yourself. The system will blow up and Trump will supervise the explosion. Better than Obama or Hillary doing it, of course. Then it is “goodbye spending”, govt bills, medicare, veterans, and other perks. He is in for a harsh education of reality. The stockmarket casino will head to a crash landing. A Greater depression is coming when the dollar will ultimately vanish.US interest rates will rise in March 2017. Crash landing on the way. The party will soon be over.  March 15th is the day to watch when the debt ceiling is triggered.  The US economy will hit a brick wall, and the Trump dream will be over.  Stock market falls of 20% plus are likely.  A lot of people won’t get paid. A recession is coming with …


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