Why the truth is VILIFIED in our twisted society – stunning video

By: Mike Adams
(Natural News) “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”- George Orwell

We live in a time of great deceit, where those who dare to utter the most important truths are subject to the most extreme vilification of all.

A little more than a month ago, I released a mini-documentary that details this very important phenomenon observed across our modern society. (That video is shown below.)

As you watch it, remember that societies which celebrate truth are societies which are moving forward, while societies that punish truth are actually devolving and regressing. The overarching pattern found in today’s society is that those who speak the truth are punished and destroyed, while those who lie and deceive are celebrated and empowered.

sciencefacts-300x217As I state in the documentary video:

“You can actually start to gauge how important someone is to human knowledge by looking at how aggressively they are vilified. If someone is contributing really nothing to humankind and the expansion of knowledge and the raising of awareness and consciousness, they are completely ignored by the status quo. If they are destroying human knowledge, and destroying the culture, and destroying ethics and morality, they will be celebrated… But if you are someone who deliberately wants to help awaken humanity or move human progress forward, or expand knowledge, awareness… expand scientific understanding or ask new questions of science to move science forward, you will be attacked, you will be defamed, you will be destroyed, you will be de-funded.”

Watch the full video here and share widely:


2 thoughts on “Why the truth is VILIFIED in our twisted society – stunning video

  1. the celebration of error, deceit, evil, etc is the product of the dumbing down aka indoctrination via the “educational” system, by those who at the direction of the elite (Illuminati, globalists, PTB, ) which actually began 100 years ago but didn’t really take off until about 50 yr ago, promulgated misinformation by deliberate intent. In the educational sphere people like John Taylor Gatto (“The Underground History of American Education”), and Charlotte Iserbyt (The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America on website deliberatedumbingdown) to name 2, are foremost experts who expose the whole mess. So now we’ve arrived at a society where at least 2 generations are dumb the second worse than the first

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