Morris’ Zhukov & Vasilevsky Report About Russian Khazarian Kabal Without Any Sources Sofar – Psy Op?

Dear British Jew Morris, who makes many Youtube videos, receives a letter from the former Soviet Union, “proving” that the Khazarian Cabal that led the NKVD was eliminated by Marshall Georgy Zhukov and Aleksandr Vasilevsky in 1953. I didn’t know that, and never ever heard about that, so I searched and tried to find any sources for this “fact”, but so far I haven’t found any, not even from Revisionist historians. So are we supposed to just trust this, for his readers anonymous, source, to tell us that Russia is now a non Khazarian state?

I think that it would be way too easy for anyone to send a letter to the West — through Morris of all people! — to take away any suspicion about Russia being a Russian or Khazarian led state. I don’t know, but it smacks like it could be misinformation to make true analytic historians trusting the resurrected Soviet Union under Putin, who somehow gave millions to the Clinton Foundation? Although it may have been to obtain uranium? Who knows! It seems Morris believes it though, as he transmits like an unthinking parrot, or at least non-skeptic echo chamber. Why Morris? Why do you trust this anonymous source? Why is he trying to be anonymous? I thought Russia is cleared now?

And why was Kaganovich’s life spared? He wasn’t any better than Lavrentiy Beria, right? He might have been worse! Is Morris a tad gullible, or just wishful thinking, or something else? With these kind of things it is always good to be a little hesitant to run into full trust. Khazars seemed to still be in power of the S.U before the break up, as they appear to have been the ones who at least caused the break up, as they could then buy up its valuable assets, becoming the “Russian” Mafia and tycoons, as well as Media owners.No?

Besides, ex KGB operative Golytsin tried to warn the American Intelligence about the coming fake break-up of the S.U. long before it happened. He told them it was planned in order to put Americans to sleep and to end the Cold War. Well, the Americans were either not that intelligent, or their Kabal were already in the know about such a coming fake break-up and didn’t mind it, as they then could start the “War on Terror!” Don’t blame me, it is history. You can even find it in Wicked Pedia!

We know that the New World Order uses Khazars as shock troops plus to deflect any criticism of the NWO with the mechanism of accusations of “racism”, and that the NWO uses Hegelian dialectics and created a “good” Russia versus an “evil” USA to get their synthesis of One World Government. I think we should have more sources than one anonymous letter, Morris! Or it will become your wishful thinking? Regardles, it is still a mystery to me that if Russia has really become a by Russians led nation, why they are not talking about nor seeking restitution for the death of 60-80 million Christian Russians who were genocided by these NKVD monsters? Putin did mention to local Khazars at the opening of their museum that 85 % of the Politburo after the Revolution, was Khazarian, but no further mention was ever made. Perhaps Putin is scared to make a big wave, of racist accusations, as if it involved average true DNA Judeans who did it. Maybe so. I don’t know, Putin said it. And of course also Solzhenitsyn was barely allowed to publish his book about racial relationships throughout Russian history, but it was never officially translated into English. Only by private individuals.

Well, will we ever really know what really happened? I guess only when we finally get to Heaven, we will find the real truth of the matter in the Heavenly Museum of Earth’s History. And IF we will still be very interested then! When death is fully swallowed up into victory! But only then. But whatever the case, my dear international Holy brethren, until then keep loving everyone, After all, we the Holy Nation of Christian brothers and sisters. are the most multi-cultural nation in history, loving and including every race, color, and from every former creed! Even those deceived Khazars, who once in time preferred Pharisaic Talmudism over Islam and Christianity, way back in history. There is even hope for some of them IF they would only prefer the God of Love, Faith, and Righteousness over their god of Mammon and their self-opined supremacy. But just FYI, true genetic research has shown that the suppressed Palestinians have way more Judaean DNA than any Khazar ever had.

In the meantime, the Marxist led Wall Street owned “Media” spread this “comical” cartoon comparing Trump to Hitler, to their naive echo chamber. It may be more true than they ever intended, though It is not that Trump is Russian-paid or -led, but he may be Khazar-allowed and -staged? While the FEMA camp on the horizon is conveniently set up for another batch of millions, this time of American Christians before the Great Tribulation even begins, without pre-Trib Rapture mind you, when – God forbid – the rest of us worldwide are set up for the final 666 solution. Not that I think Trump will be the one on the right as in the cartoon. Will it be some other puppet on a string after him?


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