James Beckwith’s Zionist Blind Spot is Symptomatic For US Evangelical Cause of America’s Final Destruction

Watch this video below of yet another Evangelical YouTube preacher who is actually quite close to the truth in his analysis of Assad’s interview but as usual as a Christian Zionist fails to nail the real problem and the very cause of America’s final coming destruction, which he ostensibly is trying to prevent by his messages to his hinterland.

Let me try to nail it down first in quick points in historical order of the deception of American Christendom.

  1. 2000 years ago Jesus didn’t braid a whip to kick out the Jews, or the Pharisees, but rather the wicked bankers (money changers!) from the Temple! It had nothing to do with so-called “antisemitism”, as Jesus was a Shemite Galilean from Judean DNA himself, as were most of His followers. As it has today!
  2. 100 years ago American Christendom failed to realise the sneaky Rothschild subversion ploy via their specially designed British Oxford Press Scofield reference Bible that preached Israel in its footnotes, long before any political entity “Israel” was even formed, or even any Balfour declaration was signed by the Rothschild subjected British elite! But those bankers knew precisely that their future plan was going to create their political Zionist entity in Palestine! They also realised that this “Israel” needed superstate support, not just from fast diminishing Britain, but from the prosperous & then still Christian USA, for it to even get off the ground, prosper, and survive so long, without any supposed help from “G-d”, Who had little if anything to do with their wicked enterprise to steal back the land that Jesus had expelled them from because they had rejected their Messiah! He even condemned them by saying of the figtree that didn’t produce fruit, “And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away.
  3. American Wall Street (Rothschild) supported preachers & organisations (on the pay-roll) carried and promoted this heretical Bible so that it became the most popular and used Bible of America.
  4. The Balfour declaration was signed and delivered to the Rothschilds. Would Jesus have to use the wicked Rothschilds to create his “Israel”?
  5. Before WW2 and the holocaust their was no support for Jews if any, as there is today massively among American Christians.
  6. “Israel” attacked the USS Liberty willfully, and it looks like it was one actor behind 9-11, and many more atrocities, unbeknownst to most American Evangelicals
  7. As a result of massive Scofield Bible Belt support and infiltrated American politics where you can’t become president until you have been down at the wailing wall and AIPAC, America is now almost ruled by the rothschilds and their puppet state.

But all this is totally lost on an otherwise pretty good analyst of Assad’s speech, Russia’s intentions, international law, and politics, Mr. James Beckwith. Why! Because he was groomed, brought up, impregnated, and propagandised by this heresy that the elite rulers of the Jewish people have been reinstated to “chosenness’, after Jesus had clearly told and condemned them that “the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits thereof.” But Beckwith, plus 90 % of US Zionist Christians CAN’T READ THAT VERSE nor understand it, not even at its simple face value! He and they have a blind spot! Because they have become “Israel” by subjecting themselves to “Israel” and therefore are in line for the same judgment that they are both going to get for rejection of His Word!

American Zionist Christians have almost the same blind spot that St. Paul regretted his own nation had then and still has today, the inability to recognise that Jesus was really their Messiah and therefore did not recognise the time of their visitation and thus were going to suffer his judgment 40 years later at the destruction of Jerusalem Nothing has changed in that judgment until today! Except that Zionists Christians believe Jesus although they reject his full message as showed above!

Why is it that a famous Jewish Christian as James Perloff — author of the well known anti-Darwinist book “Tornado in a Junkyard!” — who loves his own nation and is no antisemite! — can see the Zionist heresy and rails against it in his article about it, and gentile American Evangelicals can NOT?! Because they are blinded by the Bankers and the rulers of pretended Israel. And that blind spot has caused most of the troubles that the USA is now faced with today! The fruitless although profitable wars against many countries for the Bankers against Germany, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East for Israel, etc. Their mass media are owned and ruled by the bankers and their Zionist stooges that are virulently anti-christian and with every Hollywood movie, every TV production they produce they dismantle the very faith of thousands and by now millions of Americans in that it now is the most Antichrist state on the face of the Earth, and in line for God’s judgement along with the Israel that they worship.

It is a very sad reality that a once great Christian nation was deluded and destroyed by these bankers that Jesus whipped out of the temple. And even if I tell this to Mr. Beckwith, he is so deeply brainwashed that it will not make a dent in his paradigm, nor in most of the other American Zionist Christians. They are deceived and nothing can wake them out of their stupor. They claim to have a grain of mustard seed faith to raise up and resurrect the very mountain (nation) that Christ himself cast into the sea of humanity 2000 years ago. To resurrect the fig-tree that Christ cursed to death that it withered away in one day, 2000 years ago.

They find all kinds of verses in their beloved preferred Old Testament – because they are basically still Old Testament Christians! — in the old prophets that prophesied until John about ancient Israel and their return and recollection out of their many exiles and punishments. Why! Because they WANT to see it. they say you can prove almost anything from the Bible. Yes! You can if you want to! There is even an old judge from the time of the judges that sacrificed his daughter to Jehovah because he was so foolish to promise God he would sacrifice the first thing that came out of his house after God gave him victory in his war… and then his only daughter came out and he felt snared by the words of his mouth.

Well maybe that is what America is doing. They have sworn to defend Israel to the death, as if it is more important than the Kingdom of God itself, and I guess they are snared by the words of their own mouths, and they will die the death, as it is prophesied in the Revelation of Jesus to John. They turned themselves into Israel’s bitch, a harlot or a whore like Israel, because the MERCHANTS were their heroes, their great men of the earth! And for that spiritual adultery they are going to be burned in one day and in one hour as predicted in Revelation 18, by fire! Why would you want to be a merchant worshiping Whore of Babylon instead of a Christ worshiping child of God, is beyond me?

Maybe Mr. Beckwith can explain it, but I doubt he can if he won’t listen to Christ’s words and warnings, nor even to such adored JEWISH Christian and anti-Zionist like James Perloff. It is a mystery why they would want to die and be hated of all nations for being the merchants whore! What a sad sad story! pray that America may deliver itself out of its self chosen snare! But I am afraid that it is too late….


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