Dutch Elections from Deeper Anarchist & Shallow Fake News Propaganda Viewpoints

Dutch Citizens in a State of Confusion – Willem Felderhof

From A Dutch Anarchist point of view, pretty right on, except for anarchism itself: Elections are an illusion and Geert Wilders is controlled Zionist opposition! (Similar to James Corbett) as interviewed by Jewish alternative reporter Morris, of course mocking the Dutch “Jesus” Party, which IS a reactionary Right Wing – probably pro-Israeli Zionist as well — bad reflection on true Christianity, which will only have a theocracy under Christ after his second coming.

And the illusion as spun and portrayed by Zionist Maddow Fake Media MSNBC from some Dutch RTL presstitute Erik Mouthaan, wiith no depth of reporting whatsoever. Of course NEVER mentioning the Coudenhove Calergi plan for Europe.



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