Russia Has Little religious Freedom outside of Orthodoxy & seeks to classify Jehovah’s Witnesses as ‘extremist group’

EDITOR: Russia Has Little religious Freedom outside of Orthodoxy

First of all, I am not a great lover of Jehova’s Witnesses, except the fact that they witness albeit often a Gospel of force and contention! Most Churchians and many Christians, sad to say, don’t witness or hardly at all, even though we all are commissioned to do so by the Lord Himself. (Mark 16:15) But the J.W. type of witness is often contentious and very polarising, so I understand that Russia uses that excuse that it is dangerous to families. Well, even Early Christianity has been “dangerous” for families, since many family members chose to oppose their Christian relatives and turned enemy against their own family members! So who is at fault? Jesus said, “I send you out as sheep among wolves!” NOW, in this era of increasing antichrist government(s) that rejection and antagonism is not condemned by the state, as we live in even an increasingly Antichrist society by and large. So what should Christians go by? By the Antichrist laws and standards of rejection of the Son of God and the Heavenly Father of spirits? No! Not as Christians. Therefore we as Christians clamor and insist on and demand religious freedom. Families get more torn apart by drugs, alcohol, divorce, abortion, adultery, and other causes than by loving Christian behaviour. Perhaps not always so loving by often polarising Jehova tactics! But are they worse than the other causes just mentioned?

Of course as times get worse and worse, less freedom will be granted or allotted by the state, and actually increasingly taken away. Thus we as believers are destined for persecution and eventually liquidation by a Christ-rejecting World government. It is very sad that Russia has been going down this road already for a long time. Not only as extreme as before in the Soviet Union where the state massacred 60-80 million of their own mostly Christian people, but also after the break up. There was a short let up and relaxation then, where Protestants and Evangelicals had a short window of time to get their message out to the Russians, but they soon started to clamp down again.

Now I understand part of their motivation, that they wanted to stop CIA inroads into Russia to protect the country, as some groups were fronts for the CIA. But the Russian FSB should be smart enough to do a little vetting via a little bit of investigation to make very clear which groups were actual fronts for CIA espionage! But it is not the entire up-front reason of the Russian government, They categorically denied any Evangelical protestants permission to preach the Gospel, except for those who had been registered in Russia for over a century, and therefore by that standard they are quite an Antichrist country, even though not as accountable as the USA who mostly KNOWS or KNEW the Lord, whereas Russia is still very steeped in Old Testament ‘Christianity’ of temples, official priesthood (like Catholics), ceremonies, icons or idols, etc. and not very much into promoting the Word of God per se. so Russia is bound to go down the road of persecution, oppression and repression of true believers, and that is very very sad, because true Christians can be such a blessing to a country, of Christian help, neighbourly love, solution to alcoholism, gambling, adultery, abortion, and many other vices.

Sure the Orthodox church could potentially have that effect too, but less so, as many Russians are actually openly atheist, or agnostic, and quite uninterested in Jesus as their saviour. So pray for the Russian government and state that it may amend its ways and show greater interest in religious freedom. It is VERY DANGEROUS for a state or a country to turn their back on the Gospel and on the Saviour of the World. They first lose the blessings of spiritual enlightenment, encouragement, uplift, fulfillment in life, hope, faith, love, mercy, forgiveness, meekness, etc. but slowly the Lord can not bless a country anymore and history has proven how countries that turn their back on Jesus have gone down the drain. Look at America today! It is fast on the way to dystopia and crash and war and totaly civil war and destitution, poverty, and many other bad things I don’t even want to mention. We pray Jesus that you help Russia to mend its ways concerning religious freedom! In Jesus Name Amen.

Russia seeks to classify Jehovah’s Witnesses as ‘extremist group’

March 16 (UPI) — The Russian Justice Ministry filed a request with the nation’s supreme court to classify the national headquarters of the Jehovah’s Witnesses as an extremist organization, potentially endangering 175,000 practitioners of the religion in the country.

Jehovah’s Witnesses first filed to be a recognized religion, a requirement in Russia, in 1991. They were granted renewal in 1999, according to the group’s international website. Despite the official recognition, Jehovah’s Witness groups have faced periodic harassment by local law enforcement.

The filing was released Thursday but is not dated and has not been scheduled for legal action, USA Today reported. It was confirmed by RAPSI, the Russian Legal Information Agency.

Russian officials raided the group’s national headquarters in February and confiscated a reported 70,000 documents that were turned over to the Russian General Prosecutor’s office.

Local prosecutors have likened the religion to a cult and have called it a danger to Russian families.


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