Human & cattle mutilations since 1954 carried out by devils in UFOs shot down by NATO? Richard Hall VDO

This thorough documentary in 4 parts is an update on an earlier edition of this UFO connected animals and human mutilation in England, Scotland, Wales area. There are more interviews and conclusions than last time. Again the report was repeated by the anonymous 58 team member about the “aliens” that you wouldn’t want to meet them nor mess with them. Why? “Because they are devils!” I think that this is the most proper explanation of this phenomenon. Whereas I have a feeling that Richard hall the documentary maker believes that they are “aliens’, I as a Christian believe that they are actually demons or devils that somehow are harvesting organs and body parts. These “devils” were very quick able to cover distances in split seconds and the 58 team did not deal with them personally. That part of the job was left to the Americans who had experience with them.

It is very possible that as Hall assumes, that the Americans with the help of the British in the 1990-ies were trying to shoot UFOs out of the sky for the purpose of back engineering them, so that the Americans could reassemble or copy these anti gravity crafts for use by the US Deep State. After they got enough parts from crashed UFO-s they were able to build US copies and begin to fly around with them around the end of the 90-ies and during the 2nd millennium. Perhaps that is one reason why the USA and perhaps the UK or even Russians were able to cooperate and built a fleet of conventional saucers, triangles, and bigger ones (as described in the docu)

Is that perhaps the reason that the USAF was able to finally take authority over the Nazi German Schwaben UFO team at Antarctica? And face them down, after having failed so horribly in 1957 when they appeared to have been beaten by them during Operation High Jump under General Byrd when they lost planes, personnel and ships? This of course is mere conjecture. I personally do not believe in the so-called “Alien” theory. I believe they are as the operative said, Devils or Demons, and somehow these have a desire to appropriate body organs and parts of animals and humans. Are they perhaps trying to reconstruct human bodies as flesh vehicles for their demonic spiritual body activities? I am just theorising. And why are these devils in possession of anti gravity flying crafts able to get around the Earth at great speeds over great distances? Did they cooperate with the Germans under Antarctica? And did the demons with their thousands of years experience with humans, deceive or trick the Germans into building better crafts and allow the devils to fly and use them? Those are interesting questions.

Why do elite people of the globalist New World Order like Kerry, the Pope, the Russian Patriarch, etc. suddenly have the power to penetrate Antarctica whereas they got beaten away before by the Germans? Were they able to build equal or better vehicles than the Germans and force them down to cooperate rather than fight each other? Was that perhaps the desire of the Demons down there to get cooperation so they can deceive the NWO leaders into subservience? It is told by prophecy that human leaders of the Endtime will finally submit to Satan and his top minions and even become possessed by them toward the last 3 1/2 years of Man’s independence and rebellion against the Lord Jesus Christ, who will finally check their power at His coming and obliterate it at the subsequent Battle of Armageddon.

It definitely is a very interesting prospect. It is sad that this conjecture will probably go right over the heads of most humanistic unbelievers who prefer to be taken for a ride by the deceivers and the deceived elite, and believe “scientific”explanations instead of the prophetic words of Jesus Christ and Daniel and Isaiah in the Words of God. but that is their own choice. No one can deter them from believing whatever, not even God, Who will not interfere with the majesty of choice of the humans, as they like to call themselves.

I was gonna say “enjoy” the video, but of course this is not very palatable, nevertheless highly significant. God help Richard Hall to come to the right conclusions and not to be taken in by pseudo scientific explanations and so-called äliens” There just ain’t no such things! Nevertheless “humans”have a sick penchant to bow down to perceived authorities or authoritarian entities that they perceive to be superior, and thus most “humans” will easily fall for the lie of the Antichrist and worship him and his cronies as superior. may it never be said of us. (you?)

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


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