Hey Comey! If FBI’s REALLY after Russian collusion w. US, check Tom Fife’s report @ his 1992 Russian Barak experience!!


Mr. Comey! There was an American businessman who was told in 1992 or so, by some person from the Russian Academy of Sciences, that the USA was going to have a black president named Barak, and that he was a Russian plant! So if you are really concerned about collusion with foreign countries why don’t you research that first. Listen to this interview. Your agencies are supposed to scan all internet traffic, so I am sure you are reading this, and this is the strongest proof of Russian collusion with American elections, concerning Mr. Bary Soetoro! NOTE TO READERS: If you beleive in justice you ought to make this stuff viral!!!!!

THEN after you are done with that research the collusion with and influences of Israel into American elections, where the president elect HAS to go to the wailing wall in order to get the Jewish Corporate vote!

I personally believe that you, Mr. Comey, are a shill of the establishment and the Shadow Deep State, the globalist Elite, and that you don’t give a damn about America. You are a fake and a phony and will meet your Creator one of these days -after all you don’t live forever — so get ready for some real justive. Aren’t you scared? I would be! But of course you have told your self that you do not believe such things, even though I believe you profess to be a Catholic? Right?

Anyhow, America is finished and over, and you are one of the reasons! Besides if you are really interested in justice you should open all the unfinished investaigations in the 9-11 research that was covered up by your Deep state bosses! THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED because 9-11 was an inside and outside job. stick that in your justice pipe and smoke it, you hypocrites!

Here listen to Fox News stepping around these real issues, talking about “the mainstream media” while they ARE one of the mainstream media, and still in the business of deception of the American masses.



One thought on “Hey Comey! If FBI’s REALLY after Russian collusion w. US, check Tom Fife’s report @ his 1992 Russian Barak experience!!

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