Fake News Websites Explode With Sensational Headlines Often Linked to by WRH & InvestmentWatch

Luring Headlines! Articles without sources! “News” websites claiming to be Christians. All spewing nonsense.It looks like he Enemies of truth and true alternative news are sliddering down to new depths now by diluting true alternative sites with many new fake news sites, probably spawned by some bots. You can expect the Enemy not to sit still as mainstream people are waking up to mainstream deception of the MS Media!

And then there is this irritating sounding lady at MLordandGod YT channel who creates all kinds of wild useless theories, that “Trey Gowdy ostensibly had Vince Foster’s body dug up”, with a picture of a dirt smeared coffin even. No sources, other than some OTHER unknown news website that no one ever heard of before, or some article of BeforeItsNews.com  BeforeItsNews.com is also an alternative circus of side shows with lurid headlines. UFO landing sites on Mars type! Eithe rthis woman is not very intelligent or just a crackpot to discredit REAL alterntive news, like for example the solid CorbettReport.com or ChristopherBollyn or

Investment watch that used to be OK reporting is now featuring video after video of this Gary Franchi guy – probably from Queens or Brooklyn – with his irritating noisy opening shot and his alluring mystery headlines that make you want to know “what Trey Gowdy really said”, or “What Obama was really thinking.” Like this headline linked to at WhatRreallyHappened.com, that tells completely nothing of what is really going on and it just entices you to see what HUGE thing Obama’s spy chief revealed. This Franchy guy is just trying to get hits and subscribers and money, while promising everything and not producing hardly anything. You see his talking head and sometimes a little part of a YT of somebody else. A Faker! Like this for example. IT IS HUGE!!!! (GaryFranchy Dude! get out of the way please!) “NEXTNEWS NETWORK?” Please stop it.


I stopped going to Investment Watch almost alltogether. It is become an “alternative” tabloid like the SUN newspaper. Shun them! BUT WhatReallyHappened.com that used to be at least somewhat reputable – though Antichrist and blaming “the Pod People” nonsense – now seems to have not enough time to vet and link to real GOOD alternative news anymore! is he getting news fatigue?

So let this be a warning to you all. They are attacking the Alternative News Movement by dilution of the wine with dirty water, and making fake Christian Alt. News with crackpots like MlordandGod. Example below. “BREAKING NEWS!” “MAKE THIS VIRAL! THIS IS HUGE! THE SHOCKING NEWS!” I wish this lady would go back to her kitchen and pots and pans.


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