PewdiePie Damns the Fake Media. Like Wall Street Journal!

PewDiePie? He is the most subscribed channel on youtube with 55 million subscribers. Even if you don’t know of him or are not a fan, Listen to his message about how the media is attacking him. He also got accused of “antisemitism” Sounds familiar? But do you realise that if HE makes 4 million dollars per year how much Youtube makes over his channel. Probably 90 % more!!! Do the media talk about how much Youtube and Google make? How they drain the world dry of cash? Hypocrites. God bless PewdiePie! I hope he turns to Jesus! Then he can help his flock to get to heaven when they die! When Pew Die… get your Pie in the sky! OK? Jesus loves him and his young followers. And Jesus doesn’t accuse you like the Wall Street Journal! HE LOVES YOU!



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