What was Centrist 50 yrs. ago is today called “Extreme Right” & Extreme Left then is now “Social Democrats!”

Marine Le Pen BLASTS the BBC for wanting to start WW3 with Russia. The denominations of politics have severely dramatically changed over the last 50 years. What used to be called Centrist or Nationalist patriots then, is now called extreme right, and what is named Social Democrats today, used to be called Marxists then. Why? Because the Marxists have conquered more and more territory in public opinion, in the press, in the media, in their narrative, in politics, and most dangerous of all in government! 


Governments of the West have been stealthily taken over by Marxists, Communists, Socialists, while the more conservative, nationalist, patriots have been pushed out of all spheres of public and governmental life. It is done by design, and no coincidence. Conspiracy? Well, when a take-over grows into the large dimensions that it has today, one hardly speaks of a conspiracy anymore. It seems to be par for the course, a fait accomplie.

Republicanism used to be considered a conspiracy against royalty, and a Lower House a plot against the House of Lords, or merchants gaining power against the nobility as well. So of course, the Marxists have simply won the war. But one has to realise and remember –wherever you are at, in your grasp of history — that this massive power of the Marxists was only arrived at, through the power of their Banker handlers at Wall Street! That is what most people still don’t seem to grasp, that Socialism, Marxism, Cultural Marxism are mere tools of the Bankers to create a globalist one world government under them and their elitarian cronies of corporations and royalty who survived and yielded to the bankers.

That is why if you listen to the mainstream media too much, you don’t realise that politics of Le Pen, or Nigel Farage, or other nationalists and patriots, were normal fare 50 years ago, when the Socialists were still the radical Left and Communist hardliners, and newspapers were still half conservative! Old style Communists are now on the periphery of modern politics, some old dinosaurs that still yearn for Stalin and Lenin, but their confreres in Social Democrat and Christian Democrat and even so-called “Conservative” parties are in fact more radical than these old style Communists. They are all overtaken by the Cultural Marxist agenda, and so is the bureaucracy in the West. Real conservatives have largely been eliminated and pushed out of government and replaced by Marxist apparatchiks.

So it is no wonder that all Western governments support and systematically implement massive immigration, the destruction of religious (read Christian) thought, culture,  and freedoms, freedom of speech, the right to privacy and Habeas Corpus, etc. While loudly proclaiming “human rights!”, they have taken away actual private human rights EVERYWHERE! All in the name of “the War on Terror” of course. Get the picture? They created the War on Terror through their false flag state terror attacks like 9-11, the London bombings, the underwear bomber, the Paris Bataclan attack, etc, declaring “state of emergency” and goodbye to your rights. Now if you disagree with government NewSpeak on Fakebook, the police is at your door to at least (for now) fine you the next morning!

In America where home schooling is still somewhat allowed, they are rapidly framing laws to make it illegal, whereas in Europe it mostly already is. In California and Australia forced vaccinations are the order of the day. It is all in Marxist style of collectivist “population control” as Bill Gates confessed in his TED talk.

Wall Street’s Marxistas dressed up as Social or even “Christian” Democrats have taken over the narrative, and anyone who wants to be free, independent, private, individualistic, or personally or socially religious, or anything else that goes against the collectivist mantra of the control freaks, you are now extreme RIGHT WING! Through such a paradigm and Marxist glasses Charles de Gaulle, Churchill, or any pre WW2 statesmen like Chamberlain in today’s world would be considered “an Extreme Right Winger!” How the world has been changed in only one generation. And all propagandised media addicts believe the new paradigm as Gospel and are slowly painted in Wall Street’s RED color without even realising it.

Le Pen is a nationalist. YES! So were all Europeans before World War II and even after for at least 20 years, while the Marxists infiltrated the media, the schools, the government, the press, TV, the corporations, everything, and now… we the people…. are reduced to slaves to their very intolerant bureaucracy. If you are an indigenous European you are discriminated against via the Marxist term of “White privilege” and you need to pay through the nose for everything, while the so-called refugees or Marxist shock-troops of immigrants get free housing, free health care, and the red carpet treatment. If you would rape anyone you go behind bars for 20 years for promoting the Marxist term of “your Rape Culture”, if you are a 3rd world import you get a slap on the wrist and probably evade any jail sentence.

The deck is stacked against the normal people, the slaves, the dumbed-down masses, the silent majority who have NO political power anymore, except when they by a miracle get up and overwhelmingly vote against them, as in BREXIT and in TRUMP’s case. But still then… these normal people have no real say-so, when the commune or city council takes your child away because the social worker says so, or when the TV and media declare you an extreme right winger. You are not aright winger, you just want your country back, your peace, your rights, your freedom, your influence, your personal power over your own direct environment, especially in your own house! But I am sorry folks all that seems to be hijacked and taken away from normal citizens. You are increasingly becoming a mere number that is only allowed to shop in the super market and for the rest SHUT UP!

On the other hand the young, the new generation never knew these freedoms and were totally propagandised by the Marxist Ministry of Education that Heaven on Earth is around the corner with “diversity” (drab sameness), “multi-cultural inclusiveness without racism” (5,6,7 different cultures living in one street where no one feels at home or can relate to neighbours anymore leading to full alienation), etc. You get my drift. It was all designed to divide the masses in ever smaller compartments and to take away their political power which they have to share now with 5,6,7 different nationalities that think differently, and so there is no more unity, and the Bankers are very happy to conquer these divided people. Mission impossible accomplished. The masses are castrated, emasculated, de-powered, reduced to virtual slavery.

Soon they will lose their rights to drive their own car, unless they belong to the rich elite, and to own cash and do with their financial wealth as they pretty well please, soon to be stamped with a number as Marxist cattle without a voice, herded into housing projects with other strangers, without cohesion, goodbye former culture, goodbye private rights, goodbye freedom, while being watched by millions of cameras in the streets and in their own smart phones, or being listened to by their won microphones in the Microwave or the baby’s doll, or watched by the TV. 1984 has arrived a thousand times worse. But the brainwashed Millennials think they are living in heaven on earth!

Will they be surprised, unpleasantly, when it begins to crack down on their Social justice dreams, and they will also be taken away privately by “law enforcement” and never heard of again, as the Russians were eliminated by the millions when the “Black Marias” (state cars) turned up in the middle of the night to arrest them and take them away. But no wonder, they grew up with the mind numbing Teletubbies, and they thought it was cool.

THINGS HAVE CHANGED FOLKS! But why! Because people weren’t heeding Christ’s advice to WATCH & PRAY! When he said that deceivers and deceived would increase in the Last Days, they were all watching TV and being lulled into what was marketed as “The American Dream!” And because you lost your faith, you lost your power to be free from deception, to discern between the Truth and the Lie. And even this last sentence you can’t hear anymore, because the Media convinced you that that is mere RELiGION and not compatible anymore with modern technocratic society. And sure that is true. Christ would not be compatible with today’s technocrats nor their forefathers of 2000 years ago who were yearning for total power over the masses. He threw them out of the temple where they were money changers collecting gold.

And before you get the wrong idea; He didn’t throw the Jews out of the Temple, because they were ALL Jews in Jerusalem, but he threw out the MONEY changers. But he didn’t throw them out of the city either! he threw them out of the ONE place where they had no business whatsoever! But the money changers have not only taken over all of society, but they own the temple, and have changed the belief system of the normal people, and have thrown God HIMSELF out of the city gate, and are persecuting Him all over the country side. They have taken over your personal body rights to refuse vaccination if you please, while at the same telling you that “you are the boss over your own body” to murder that sweet innocent new conceived life within what was once called “a mother” now turned into some Canaanite child sacrificer to this Modern Day machine of Moloch!

But I sware to you, that, before they do us all in with their collectivist murder, they are going to get a message from the God of the original natural life and Creation brought to their door step that they are rooting for self-destruction while thinking they are becoming immortal via genetic DNA editing, and that they are setting themselves up for enjoying the very wrath of the God of Love who sooner or later is going to run out of patience.

As the psalmist said, “Thou verily art a God that hideth thyself” but don’t be deceived, he doesn’t hide forever. And the mystery of God is soon to be over and finished when you’ll see HIS selfie in the sky, and he peeps out from behind the clouds and after having rescued his children from among the haters, he is going to stop smiling and turn his back on the rejectors who had long turned their backs on His magnanimous sacrifice of Himself at Calvary for Love, that if they would only believe on Him they would not perish but have everlasting life in the REAL world outside of time and matter, together with Him in a World without End! And he is going to rain his displeasure on them, the “Wrath of God!” And I wouldn’t want to be there.

And if you are smart, or if you are meek and mild and yearning for freedom, love, and eternal righteousness, you wouldn’t want to be there either. And you don’t have to be. Just call on the name of the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved. For everyone that calls on His Name is heard and recorded and registered and redeemed for ever by His wonderful loving mercy, as He said about all the sinners in this world, Ï WILL HAVE MERCY and NOT SACRIFICE!” No stick that in your pipe and smoke that. It is lovely, it is liberating, it is fantastic but true, it is pure sunshine without any chem-trails, it is sexy with a naked sexy God who actually created sex, and loves to love his children, and loves them to be free without collectivist coercion. Take him today! Ditch the dire dirty system with their hateful control freaks who want to rule and run your life. It is not natural.




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