Hungarians with Soros’ Stockholm Syndrome, or just unprincipled Leftist globalist Banker sycophants?

I guess you decide what they are. But I’m sure Soros has paid for the march, not just for the university. Like these immoral bankers do everywhere. Money talks! Actually it squawks! These people probably think “don’t bite the hand that feeds us.” it is not a new thing in Budapest hungary. One of the biggest bridges over the Danube has a great big shield on it stating how gracious the Rothschilds were to pay for its construction. They don’t need to gather votes they just cultivate some more sycophants with the money they have stolen from the proletariat in the first place.

But most people don’t seem to have many principles they adhere to. That’s how the Devil was able to take over the Earth in the first place. And it is unprincipled people that are the bane of our human race. They are the ones that ensure our enslavement to the big banker bullies. And they have given up their faith in Christ in order not to feel guilty about it, because Jesus threw them out of the temple. Sycophants invite them in and so doing sign their own death warrant. But the ones who are trying to save the country are being hooted down as anti-democratic or even fascist or worse, of course.

These people protesting are probably the children of the ones who didn’t mind the Russians around 1956. I don’t know. I’m just guessing, because the ones who rose up had to pay with their lives in the uprising. The sycophants kept their lives and serfdom to Soviet tyranny at that time. See David Irving’s book on that score. And before you sling slogans, No! Irving is no “holocaust denier”. he just sees bigger genocides elsewhere. Like the 60-80 million Russians who paid with their lives for the sycophants’s Soviet Union. Same story!

That is the main problem with history. One thing we learn from history, is that most people NEVER learn from history. And that is why the people who love truth and freedom are always in the minority, and are always the ones who get it in the neck ultimately. But blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God, and blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth, and blessed are ye when persecuted for righteousness sake, for so they did to the prophets which were before YOU! – The prophets of the Last Days!

For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world or some cheap university, but lose his own soul? For what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Your university?  Your degree? Your car? Your apartment? No, none of these things will help one bit, when you were going to try to redeem your lost forlorn soul from Hades. None of those things will save it. The redemption of our souls is very precious and had only one unique very expensive price tag, the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the son of God, on the Cross of Calvary 2000 years ago!

But now most atheist Leftist cool (cold?) intellectual fancy-pants are not interested in this one time free gratis redemption offered to them on a silver platter, free for the taking. They prefer to try to save themselves via their multiple ism-s and various philosophies, as if that would stop the Angel of Death encroaching upon their lives. Bt of course they don’t believe in any angels, and death they defy or deny by positive thinking and intellectual gymnastics. What a lost generation.

Nevertheless I lived in Budapest for a few years and met some (only some) principled Loving faithful Hungarians who are engaged in saving their country-men’s souls. But I tell you former Marxists are fully brainwashed atheists and very hard to reach. Regardless, Jesus died for them too. I hope it is not in vain for these who bear a wicked banker like Soros on their hands, who once again prefer Barabbas over Jesus. I hope I am wrong. If you are Hungarian and can prove me wrong, please do so, because I loved Hungarians when I was there, and wouldn’t want to tell untruths about them.

Remember When Hungary Became The First European Nation To Ban Rothschild Banks?

The head of Hungary’s central bank has called for the International Monetary Fund to close its office in Budapest.

The name Rothschild is literally associated with wealth. This is because for over 200 years, the family has remained the most powerful and wealthy family in the world. Most of the Rothschild fortune has been made in the world of banking, but investments in other industries, such as coal, real estate, and construction, have helped secure the family’s wealth and immense power.

One of the banks owned by the Rothschild group (the biggest banking group in the world) is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), AKA ’Imposing Misery and Famine’. Not only does the group make money off usurious interest rates at the misfortune of crumbling economies, it literally owns Governments and people of power. Because it’s nearly impossible to escape the clutches of the banking group, news of IMF being booted from Hungary is being heralded as a victorious happening.

TapNewsWire reports that in 2008, Hungary survived economic turmoil by relying on a €20 billion ($26 billion) loan from the IMF and aid from the EU. This was before Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was elected into office.

In 2013, however, the former economy minister and current central bank governor, Gyorgy Matolcsy, wrote a letter to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde calling for the fund to close its representative office in Budapest. Matolcsy noted that it was “not necessary to maintain” it any longer. In addition, he said in July of 2016 that Hungary would repay the 2008 loan in full by the end of the year.

Prime Minister Orbán hasn’t had a good relationship with IMF since taking office, and this latest move has taken it to a new low. However, many are hailing Hungary’s decision to boot the IMF from the country as an intelligent decision.

NeonNettle reports:

“Paying the loan back early has meant Hungary have saved €11.7 million worth of interest expenses, but Gordan Bajnai, leader of the electoral alliance E14-PM, claimed that they had actually lost €44.86 million by March 2014 because of the early repayment as all they did was replace the loan from the [IMF] with a more expensive one, labelling the stunt as Propaganda. 

And what made further nonsense; another loan at high interest rates was signed to finance a nuclear upgrade, which will mean not only higher repayments but also high electricity costs. But they do have economic sovereignty now. “

The central bank governor says that the government succeeded in pushing its budget deficit below the EU ceiling of 3% in GDP and reduced government debt. Though the EU Commission expected it to return to weak growth shortly after the decision, the unorthodox system of imposing heavy special taxes on large companies seems to be working for the country.

YourNewsWire relays that Iceland joined Hungary in 2014 when it paid back its $400 million loan ahead of schedule after the collapse of the banking sector in 2008. In addition, Russia has refused to bow down to any Western puppeteer and gained financial independence in 2005.  Reportedly, this is the FIRST time a European country has stood up to the international fund, since Germany did so in the 1930s.

If you’re as elated by this news as many activists are, please share this article and comment your thoughts below! 

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