Trump, Al Qaeda’s Airforce, Destroyed 6 Migs, after massacring 250 Iraqi civilians! – ‘Making ISIS great again?’

You are either with us… or you are with the terrorists! Well said George Bush, becomes Trump has joined the terrorists obviously, destroying SIX SYRIAN MIGS! Well done Trumpy boy, McCain has become your friend, and Israel and Soros will pull back their “Destabilise Trump” hordes. You have now joined the Establishment, the shadow government, the Deep State! You are doing their bidding, to destabilise the Middle East, start World War III, and realise the Oded Yinon plan for the defragmentation of “Israel’s” surrounding countries!

Wow! What a chance to maybe join their secret brotherhoods now, as former speaker of the house (what’s his name) said, that you didn’t belong to the secret societies. You must have been really scared that they were going to assassinate you, or what! You reneged on some big campaign promises. Couldn’t make Obama Care disappear, and lost Bannon and Flynt. Perhaps they gave you an offer that you just couldn’t refuse, “Bomb Assad, and we will not kill you.” “Bomb Assad, and we will let you reign for four years.”

You haven’t read your Bible much, since those Zionist Evangelicals prayed over you sticking their hands in your face, have you now Donald! Because it states very clearly that “righteousness will exalt a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any nation.” I guess you are not so motivated anymore to “Make America Great Again!” You are quickly turning it in a greater warmongering abomination than Obama did, and Hillary was going to. You are “Making America Hate Again!” Hate you neighbours instead of loving them.


You are now de facto Al Qaeda’s Airforce! They even used the occasion to attack Syrian army forces near where you bombed them. You are such a hero! Not a chicken hawk, no no, you are a desktop hero! Wow! So brave! Making ISIS GREAT AGAIN!

You also really discouraged many of your sincere voters who believed you that it was America First from now on, instead of Globalism, because it suddenly looks now like Globalist new World Order FIRST and America LAST! I guess that is your interpretation of the Lord’s good words, that the last shall be first, and the first last.

We can conclude now that you are NOT a man of your word, and are fast becoming a died in the wool politician, a liar, a cheat, and part of the swamp! I must say, you are learning fast. May the lives of those 250 Iraqi civilians that you bombed to smithereens be held against you, until you repent. And all the Yemenite children, women and men you allowed to be destroyed by your Airforce and Navy! Damn you, YOU Amerikan office COWARDS!!!

Russia’s Rossiya 24 news channel has revealed the first footage from the Shayrat airbase, which the United States hit with a volley of 59 Tomahawk missiles after an alleged “chemical attack” in Idlib earlier this week.


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