Trump! You Idiot! Taking Orders From Deep State McCain Now? You betrayed your voters! They don’t want war! They want PEACE, work, & infrastructure! They do not want ILLEGAL WARS!!!!! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF SYRIA!!!

You are out of your mind bro! What the Hell do you think you are doing? Covering up your 250 civilian deaths in Mosul? Where your illegal planes rained havoc on the poor fleeing Iraqi people? Even if Assad did it, YOUR dumb “intelligence” planes killed more civilians than he supposedly did. AND HE DIDN’T!!!! Just like those “weapons of mass destruction” bull dung.

You are either deceived by your own “íntelligence” who by the way is against you and is now fulfilling their pro Israeli agenda ythrough you, or you are just a New World Order operative.

You are not “making America Great Again”. You are making America a Great WARMONGER again!! What the hell do you think you are doing?

You are betraying your hinterland, your moderate supporters, your few honeymoon lovers. You are isolating yourself from your supporters! You are perhaps a great merchant, but you are a lousy ruler. woe unto you! And woe unto the Americans who support you in this illegal unfair unfounded MURDER!!!

If you had any support of Heaven, you have lost it now! I guess the honeymoon is over with your own hinterland!

Aid Convoy Arrives in Efrin, Azaz Areas in Aleppo

Oded Ynon Plan Trumpy Boy? Your money has deceived you as bad as Soros! Who the Hell do you think you are? A god like Soros?? What will the humbling be? In Hell or in stepping back in shame from y66our illegal actions! Hasn’t the Middle East suffered enough from you damn Americans?? YOUR CIA & Mossad created Isis and AlQaeda in the first place!


Turkish Border Guards Shooting Syrian Refugees Daily :Amnesty Intl



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