HERE! Trump! Watch this! The widow of Firas, a soldier you just killed! Think of Ivanka, Barron, or Melania!

(Dear Jesus! Confort the hearts of this poor widow and her little son, and their relatives. In Jesus name, amen.

Mr. Trump! MAY THIS WAKE YOU UP TO YOUR SIN OF INTERFERING  SENDING DEATH IN OTHER SOVEREIGN PEOPLE’S LIVES! If it only were possible. You will have to account for these 14 lives under your command. I thought the Evangelicals prayed for you? I thought you would put America first? I thought you considered interfering in Iraq and Syria as a great mistake? What happened to your campaign promises? You destroyed this family, the father, and hurt the survivors. [By the way! This grieving is real grieving! The gun campaigners grieving at Sandy Hook and other false flags were nothing by comparison.]

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:10 A.M.) – Ganea al-Ahmed, wife of a soldier that died in the US attack on Shayrat airbase, spoke about her tragedy on camera in the village of Shayrat on Saturday.

Ahmed spoke of her husband, Senior-Lieutenant Firas Hammoud, clenching a tissue and weeping. “When they brought the coffin, I cried, I cried as it is a shame to die at such an age” she said, adding “There are not enough words to describe it all. The man is gone and speaking of it makes no sense anymore.”

Ahmed went on, “This is horrible: a mother is raising a son; teaching him, an amazing and outstanding boy is growing up. And then suddenly at a certain moment the US from a ship in the Mediterranean Sea strikes an airfield, and innocent people, no matter who, be it a general or senior lieutenant Firas.”

“I am glad that within hours – or the next day – planes started to take off from Shayrat Airbase, and the coverage began, as if nothing had happened. The bulldozers started to work. May God allow the souls of the dead, of the victims, to Rest In Peace. If those people didn’t exist there would be greater loss. Let God lay their souls to rest,” Ahmed concluded.

Shayrat Airbase was the target of a US Tomahawk missile strike on Friday morning, ordered by US President Donald Trump. Trump said the attack was a direct response to Tuesday’s alleged chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun near Idlib for which he holds Assad responsible.

A total of 59 tomahawk missiles were fired at the base in the Homs Governorate, at 4:40 local time (00:40 GMT) on Friday.


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