Why Do People Hate #Feminism? #1 – Feminists Hate Men videos

This man Sargon of Akkad says that he is going where the facts go, in logic, truth, and morally. I wouldn’t support him all the way, because he is a foulmouthed at times, But hey that seems to be the way to reach young people, these days. (Sad to Say) But THIS video lists tells it like it is about “Feminism” which in basics is Communism! The Marxists using the less enlightened portions of our beautiful women partners of Creation, are used as dupes, useful idiots (As Lenin & Stalin calls them) pussy zombies. These sad girls are fully brainwashed and hijacked via their hate for man. There is no hate greater than a woman spurned, they say. But there is no greater disinterest shown than by a man ignored by the object of his natural desires.

Philosophically these Marxist female sycophants even fail to see the duality of Man and Woman, not to speak off their ignorance of the Divine Creation where everything in creation has a far deeper meaning than the face value it carries. We Taiwanese called it Ying & Yang long before it was called Female and Male in the West. How silly would it be for the mountains to disparage the valleys, or for the valley to hate the mountain! But hey that is what Luciferian Cultural Marxist need to use to trick up poor women into their faux “class struggle”, as these Marxist operatives totally disregard the fact that Communism was started by the very bankers that pay their revolutions and terrorism – like Soros millions! – They are totally ignorant of true history, how Wall Street financed the “Russian” Revolution! and all their other revolutions, including their “French” one) They have always been “Rich Men’s plots using the by them enslaved dumbed-down labour classes hoodwinked into becoming their Wall street groupies.

Anyway enjoy the drift of these videos, if you like to know why these women are so un-natural to hate their female calling to be the better halves of us men. Normal men LOVE normal feminine women. They don’t want to suppress them, nor like to be suppressed by institutionalised Marxist man-haters.


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