NASA Admits Van Allen belt Orbital Limit For Astronauts – How About the Moon Trips? – Orion VDO

Published on Aug 25, 2015

On December 5, 2014, NASA sent the Unmanned Orion spacecraft to a destination of 3,600 miles above the Earth, to promptly u-turn and return. What is at this important altitude? The “Van Allen” Radiation Belts, a 25,000 mile thick band of Lethal Radiation which surrounds the Earth, beginning at an altitude of about 1,000 miles. (The space station and space shuttle orbit at about 250 miles, safely below this dangerous radiation.)

The purpose of the Orion mission was to send two Geiger Counters into the Radiation Belts and then return them to earth, to see if Radiation Shielding could be developed IN THE FUTURE to protect crews from this Lethal Radiation Exposure, if they wished to SOME DAY travel FURTHER THAN THIS POINT INTO SPACE. When Bart Sibrel asked NASA to provide him, as a Journalist, with the Radiation Readings from the Geiger Counters onboard the Orion spacecraft, he was informed by NASA that this information was classified. The question is, if the temperature of the sun, or the amount of helium in Jupiter’s atmosphere, is not classified, why would the Amount of Radiation in the Radiation Belts surrounding Earth be classified? After all, these readings are merely a part of nature, and taxpayer funds were used to acquire this scientific data, so why not share this information with the public and scientists?

The reason for keeping these Radiation Readings a secret, is the fact that if NASA shared them, it would prove the Radiation Belts to be too severe for humans to survive passing through them. The public might then ask: How then did the Apollo crews survive passing through this admitted “Dangerous Radiation” nearly 50 Years Earlier with they just acknowledged that the technology to do so has YET TO BE INVENTED?

NASA’s young Kelly Smith, accidentally admits, on camera, that the technology DOES NOT YET EXIST to protect crews from the “Dangerous Radiation” of the Van Allen Radiation Belts. After this admission, when Sibrel asked to interview him about these remarks, NASA said that Kelly Smith, though once Orion’s Spokesman, was no longer available for comment to Journalists.

At 2:48 into the video, Smith begins his admission by saying that the Van Allen Radiation Belts being entered by the Unmanned Orion spacecraft are 15 times farther away from Earth than the space station (yet only 1/66th of the distance to the moon) and therein contain “Dangerous Radiation”. The Apollo crews, nearly 50 Years Ago, are the only ones in world history to have Claimed to have gone though this Dangerous Radiation.

At 3:33 Smith admits, “We (NASA) must SOLVE these (radiation) challenges BEFORE we send people through THIS REGION OF SPACE”, which they would have to do to reach the Moon.

This is an Absolutely Amazing and Unprecedented Admission by NASA. They just acknowledged that the technology DOES NOT YET EXIST to send manned crews through the Van Allen Radiation Belts, which you would have to go through to reach the moon!

The finger of Truth is coming out of the dike of lies.


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