Australian Regime Will Fine Parents $14 per Week Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids – Big Pharma Very Happy!


Buried in Australia’s 2017 federal budget is an alarming section that outlines financial punishment for families who fail to get their kids vaccinated. This damning legislation sets a dangerous precedent not only in Australia but worldwide.

Parents who don’t vaccinate their children will be $14-a-week worse off, with $28 set to be wiped from their family tax benefits every fortnight.

The measure, which will start from July 2018, is expected to raise $15 million over four years, while sending a tough message to those who fail or refuse to immunise their children.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter and Health Minister Greg Hunt said last week that reducing fortnightly payments instead of withholding the end-of-year supplement would serve as a constant reminder to parents to vaccinate their children.


New Vaccine Study Shows Unvaccinated Children Have Significantly Less Health Problems

In this video, Vin Armani explains the trade-off with vaccines. Like any pharmaceutical they have side effects. A brand new study on homeschoolers shows unvaccinated children have significantly less health problems as vaccinated children. Is the small chance that your child gets measles or mumps worth a lifetime of hay fever or asthma?

First of its Kind Vaccinated vs Non-Vaccinated Study Reveals High Frequency of Sickness Among Vaccinated Children

According to this study, vaccinated children are:
6.6 times more likely to have neurodevelopmental diseases.
30 times more likely to have allergies
22 times more likely to require allergy meds
4 times more likely to have an early learning disability

It also found that there is “no meaningful difference” in occurrence of vaccine-targeted diseases between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups aside from a minor decrease in chickenpox and pertussis. Product liability anyone?



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