Trafficking Massive Amounts of African Migrants into Europe – Goodbye to Once Good Old Europe!

No doubt Soros’ pais NGO-s are trafficking hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of migrants into Europe via Sicily and Greece and Spain. This video recorded the movements of these NGO-s ships going back and forth between Libya and The Italian island of Sicily. Europe’s Gentiles have to be mixed with as many Africans as possible  in order to bring them down in their own sight and equalised with Africa’s poor, because Africa’s rich and middle classes are not on these boats.

We can safely conclude that Europe is at its last legs as the free enlightened Christian civilisation it once was. And for good reasons. The Europeans decided that they would be happier if they listened to the lies of the Mainstream Media to abort their children so they lost their numbers, to the real supremacist Cultural Marxists who told them that their Christian civilisation was racist, fascist, and white “supremacist”, because their political classes’ members were all blackmailed by their occult Satanic pedophile actions and therefore couldn’t and didn’t raise their voices in protest to this imposed cultural genocide.

They gave up their faith in the only Saviour who gave them their enlightening renaissance and reformation and civil rights and freedom and all the other virtues and goodies that made them once great enough to influence the entire world with enlightening ideas of Magna Carta and Christian culture. But sad to say Europa preferred to listen to the atheists, the nihilists, the hedonists, the anarchists, the communists, the socialists, the marxists, the feminists, the critical theorists, and all other representatives of the many ISM-s who poisoned their thinking and their societies.

Europe kicked Jesus out of the front door and therefore Satan sneaked into the backdoor, and now it has the Devil to pay.

It is all so easy to understand now, if you see their time capsule from a more eternal aspect. And it isn’t the first time that it happened in history. It happened to the Levant – the first Christian civilisation – probably spearheaded by the same sinister forces that created Islam that killed most of their Christian leaders, then it happened to Byzantine with the fall of Constantinople and countries in between, all the way to Vienna! thanks to the reformation the Northern countries got the most truthful version and update of true Christianity and as a result they were able to spawn a righteous America around the 1600-s and a superior North-Western Europe causing Christianity to go all over the world!

But sad to say – for them – they despised their birth rights and let the Chinese, the Koreans, many Indians, and south East Asians, and even many Africans to slowly take over their anointing and steal their crowns by being greater Christian examples! Even as far as being witnesses to many Muslim nations, in their “Back to Jerusalem” drive. Sorry Europe, you didn’t realise you had a good thing going when you still had it, you despised your birth right, your Prince of Peace, the King of goodness, the Lord of Righteousness, and now you are being pushed aside and away by the ungodly Antichrist forces who organised your cultural genocide, which could very well turn into a real physical genocide, as they are being given weapons by these very same forces.

It happened before in the Armenian Genocide, during and after the “Russian” Revolution, during the two World Wars, and in all the Marxist revolutions in the other East block countries, during the Hungarian uprising, and now the coming local revolutions coming your way. And it’s all designed to put the so-called Elite – the actual Satanic dregs of humanity – into power to bring on the greatest worldwide persecution this world has ever seen, and then just at the end of that, the heavy curtain will come down on these Antichrist forces, with the return of Jesus Christ Himself and his subsequent Wrath of God on them where they will be deposited into Hades and finally into the Lake of Fire.

Poor bewildered Europa! May you turn to the free gift of saving grace for your eternal souls, of your real God and merciful Lord, even in the fires of the coming suffering when the staged greatest financial Crash will hit together and at the same time with the engineered World War 3.


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