Complicit Canberra Allows Fake Mainstream Media to Harrass & Stalk Schapelle Corby & Family Who Are Innocent

Media Crime: The Stalking Of Schapelle Corby

She is now trapped, sick, on the edge of a breakdown, and at risk.

These people are not journalists because they don’t report news. They operate under the umbrella of journalism, whilst polluting the word itself. They produce trivia, utter fabrication, and any lie that panders to prejudice and their appalling editorial position. They are a toxic force in society, and in this case, are endangering life.

The Australian government has not lifted a finger to help. [Of Course! They were the ones that framed Schappelle Corby. And are normal Australians standing up? Nah! They are too busy watching the official telly to be voluntarily brainwashed by the official “government” narrative, or “bravely” surfing their shark infested waters while they are too cowardly to stand up for one of their own persecuted citizens.
But I thought Australians are such tough people and don’t take any shit? Nah They’re actually a bunch of sorry losers who believe mostly in Global Warming & Climate Change and too afraid to stand up against mandatory vaccinations, and other politically incorrect things. Forget Australians. A globalist wasteland!

Poor Corbys. Pray for them. They suffered enough because of Australian ignorance of a massive miscarriage of justice. Why don’t their neighbours form a Punch on Judy group to protect them at least? The brave Australian that I like is Joanne Nova, But I haven’t heard of any other brave ones. maybe there aren’t any more?

If I weren’t a peacemaking Christian, I’d go after these media judases, at least to stand up and block their unloving dirty work. God hates all liars, and so he must hate “journalists”!


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