US DOJ Too Intimidated To Really Investigate Seth Rich Murder – Kim Dotcom Open letter

Kim Dotcom’s open letter to Seth Rich’s parents explaining he had nothing to do with any hacking of Seth Rich’s email nor the murder, but that he has information on the entire affair, BUT the American Department of Justice is too corrupt, intimidated, stifled and paralysed to really investigate this crude murder!!!! Are they blackmailed? Where is law and order in the USA! The Deep State does not want to get to the bottom of this unsolved murder, while it pursues the false Russian collusion narrative that the Deep State has planted and pursues. The Democrats/Liberal/Globalist/Marxist Deep State is still in charge of the US government and there is no justice to be had in this rigged regime. SPEAK UP AND OUT AND ROAR LOUDLY ABOUT THIS MEDIA & GOVERNMENT SUPPRESSION OF JUSTICE!!!

BREAKING: Twitter suspends WND for Seth Rich report

NEW Evidence of Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play scheme

The Clinton foundation exists for one reason, Pay for play. No body in his or her right mind would send one dime to it as a charity. No person in Office should be allowed…



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