9-11 = Biggest Proof of Mainstream Media Fake News & Still Main Issue Now For Freedom of State Terror


Another Seth Rich? Whistle blower & film maker Aaron Russo then “died” of cancer. (murdered?) Fake News Media did not report this shocking news! Infowars did however.

2. REAL PLANES, No Holographs, But NOT NORMAL Airliners, Adapted With Missiles

Richard D Hall updated his excellent 9/11 analysis (though I think little of Judy Woods) with 3D modeling proving flight path was correct, but high speed impossible for normal airliner.

3. 9/11- Irrefutable Evidence for WTC Demolitons by Demolition Experts, Denied by Fake News Media!

BUSH & CHENEY & KISSINGER, RICE, & ROCKEFELLERS BEHIND 9-11 AIDED BY CIA & ‘ISIS’ (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)

The Physics of 9/11

Were these Hollow Towers Built For Easy Demolition by the Bankers, like the Rockefellers?

The buildings “pulverised” the Fake News admitted, but they didn’t conclude that it was a controlled demolition! These media leaders and their puppets lied and still lie today about 9-11 to the Americans and the rest of us, while they continue their false “war on Terror”which should be called THEIR WAR OF TERROR ON US!!!

And WHEN will the most mediatised/brainwashed/co-opted/propagandised/pacified/ public in the world ever rise up and protest against their lying fake media and their lying fake government? Americans suffer from Stockholm syndrome. They love their captors: the Bushes, the Rockefellers, Israel, the Clintons, the lying Democrats, the lying neo-Conservatives, the lying Deep State. And we are ALL being held hostage already in all countries of the world by this Satanic Cabal that is moving us to the greatest economic Crash in History causing unparalleled famine, millions of deaths, and the worst World War III ever, self destructing the religious people in the world satanically set up against each other by their lying news agencies and fake news media, making us hate religions, while telling us not to hate each other! Squelching our free speech by turning our hate not against THEM – the bankers and their fake media – but against each other.

We are covertly being stage managed, socially engineered, manipulated, secretly set up, to go to war against each other, people with whom we had no business whatsoever before 9-11, but we were/are being man-handled & manipulated to hate and go to war against ‘terrorists’ that were purposely created and manipulated by our handlers! “Al Qaeda did 9-11!” No they didn’t! Rockefeller, Bushes, American elite did 9-11. “ISIS attacked Syria and Iraq” yes, but ISIS was created by America, Israel, Saudis, Qatar, Turkey, etc. The Taliban was the direct result of American intervention in Afghanistan. The Shah was deposed by America and Khomeini set in place by CIA, MI6, and the French where he was sitting on ice for years to be used at last.

“I Expected the American Public Would Rise Up!” Alan Shore.

Still Don’t Believe 9/11 Was An Inside Job? Take It From This Insider!

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Fake News MS Media Deceived America into Slavery, Thought slavery, Debt Slavery, Banker Slavery, and Silence About the Truth!


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