Filipino Christians! Y’better pray for Duterte & your soldiers fighting ISIS. So suddenly! Did CIA facilitate them?

I like Duterte. He is a straightforward person who doesn’t like hypocrisy. Human rights hypocrisy, American hypocrisy, State Dept. hypocrisy, Congress’ hypocrisy. He rather deals with Putin and China somehow. Also he hates the hypocrisy of the Catholic church, telling how he and all his classmates got molested by the priests, AND the generations before him, plus the generations after him. At the end he states, “I believe in God, by the way, but … priests?”

He also realises that the CIA may want to kill him because he limits the power of the US in his country, but he states that he fully trusts God for his life. What a guy! I like him. May ALL God fearing Filipinos regularly pray for his wisdom and safety, against ISIS, and for the soldiers who have to fight these imported ISIS devils. Please, dear family, pray for the Philippines. They need our prayers. God bless you all. MUST WATCH



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