Why NO investigation into Seth’s murder? DNC Wasserman’s brother is Washington’s Federal Prosecutor! Impeach him?

Who Gave the Order for the Murder??Why No Progress in Seth Rich Inquiry? Washington politicians are too paralysed with fear to be picked off next by the Clintonistas, and become another body bag in the Clinton’s body trail! Man! This US nation is a Mafia Fiefdom, and the Clintons are some fo the God fathers. You see, if the Clintons go down, many heads will roll, because she will pull everyone else down with her to Hell! Killary is a very vindictive woman, and even the DOJ seems to tremble in their boots. Drain the swamp? I think it is too late. The swamp has grown to criminal proportions and is too foul and too big, and there is no one who wants to bell the cat, or bell the Clintons! Goodbye America! You wasted it all.

Update from Seth Rich’s Neighbor; Cameras & Footage Confirmed

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shuts Down Seth Rich Murder Case!

Former DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Threatens Police Chief For Gathering Evidence!



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