CovFefe is Cough Fifi! Coughing & Barking Hillary Clinton

With the crypto tweet “Despite all the constant negative press covfefe,” Donald Trump set Twitter and the entire internet ablaze with speculation about his mysterious codeword. Ironically Covfefe herself didn’t get it, according to Google, as she even ridiculed Trump with his new fangled pseudonym for her! It’s so simple: ‘Cov’ is ‘Cough’ and ‘Fefe’ an alternate way of spelling the dog’s name Fifi! Why? Because WHO else is famous for coughing and barking at Donald than Hillary Clinton? Trump tweeted again, challenging the world to figure it out. He must have so much fun mystifying everybody, especially his enemies: the globalist, collectivist, internationalist, cultural Marxist, secular Humanist, Atheist, Leftist, so-called “Liberals”, who want to save humanity their way by turning her over to the money changers’ control grid, in the name of social justice. Even Jesus couldn’t beat them.

I am pretty sure I figured out the true meaning. He should have attached a price for winners. I could sure use it. ha!.. being an independent missionary.)

To me it is so amazing how popular CovFefe still is with America’s college kids. They are all dumbed down lefties! Even the former Marxist Chinese make fun of them, calling them Bai Zhuo (White Lefty), and they use it as an insult. America’s “educators” have done a great job in turning American young people into Marxist drones for Wall Street. You got to hand it to them.

Here is Trump calling out Hillary for barking as a dog.

Donald Trump is such a smart guy. Too smart for his own good and humility. A typical mercurial Gemini by sun sign. He is fast as a Bandersnatch as he scatters in all directions. They say about Geminis – and he follows that pattern very well – “they know exactly where they stand… as long as they stand there!” Ha!

It doesn’t mean that I support Trump, although he is somewhat better than his alternative – Covfefe! Coughing barking Fifi – Hillary – the lap dog of Wall Street and the bankers – would have been disastrous for America. It would have gone down faster into the imminent One world Government without so much as a shriek, apart from the shrieks in FEMA camps of millions of white Christians and Patriots losing their heads, so despised by Democrats, Letists, Globalists, and Collectivists.

Trump is a merchant, and that is America’s problem. They love merchants. As Revelation warned them about their fate to be burned for it, “For the merchants were your great men” and for your misplaced love the entire world is finally going to hate you as the merchant’s whore Babylon! (Revelation 17 & 18.)

I think Confucius social construct was far more righteous than that. Confucius set the standard for 2.500 years Chinese history by insisting on a different social order. At the top were the scholars, then the farmers, and finally the merchants.

America is the very opposite: At the top are the merchants, then the scholars – of course beholden to and bought by the merchants for global warming and Darwinism – and finally the farmers, perhaps, as there aren’t that many real farmers left in America. That fact is indicative for the coming devastating famines that will rage through the world pretty soon, after the imminent Crash, but especially in America! Russia’s wheat harvests have been pretty good lately and most Russians still have their vegetable growing cucumber pickling dachas. (country çottages)

Poor Donald thought that he could save America from itself, but he under-estimated the power of Wall Street, the Deep State! He got into office and pretty quick got wise to it though. His own family was infiltrated by it – Jared Kushner! And his cabinet was full of Neocons and Warmongers. Now he is even on the menu of the Bilderberger think tank for New World Order recruits.

Donald’s mistake though is his weakness for Christian and Jewish Zionism, his love for that political entity called “Israel.” You can hardly blame him, seeing the milieu where he grew up into. And that right there, is the formula for the coming World War III, a war desired and designed by Wall Street, as every other World War was, in order to get the entire world population to their knees, so they will accept their New World Order, or One World Government, which ever succeeds first. The American New World order or the Russian One World Government. They always use Hegelian dialectics: problem – reaction – solution. America – Russia – One World Government!

America is now going into the doldrums, into labour, especially after the imminent implosion by hyper inflation of the Dollar when the entire world will refuse it and it will crash. Then they will have to trot out their NEW Dollars, which are already printed. America will have famine, civil war, and finally a rise of the reactionary right – perhaps under Donald Trump or someone like him or worse – and America will be a right wing outsider of the coming leftist Federal Commonwealth of all or most nations, emanating from Russia and its BRICS.

Was Russia behind Trump’s election success? Of course not. They in fact secretly supported Covfefe Hillary, and Obama before that, as she – as the real Marxist plant she is – would have turned the USA into the ‘United Soviet States of America and Canada and Mexico’, the USSACM, who would have gone to war with Iran, Syria, and other Islamic NWO opponents, immediately! She is not so much for Israel, but more for the bankers!

So, what is on the menu of the normal, peace loving, hard working, families and children and grand parents? Global Economic Crash, Global War, Global Famine, and finally Global Government, forced vaccinations under Bill Gates to cull the weak and reduce world population, and a totalitarian computerised grid of control and surveillance without Free Speech under Google! “Don’t Be Evil!” If you resist you will die. If you don’t resist you may live a little longer until they come for you because you love Jesus.

Can you imagine a Leftist, Feminist, SJW police SS-er Gestapo coming to your house at night? Because you are a Child of God? Well that is the pipe dream of all the technocrats, bureuacrats, and psychocrats that are gung-ho for “making the world a better place.” THEIR way, or the highway! Control freaks who think they are gods, because they don’t believe in the Creator God. They are their OWN gods, under their final god of gods, Lucifer, or as we call him; Satan.

When I first read the predictions in the Bible that in the Last Days the entire world would fall down and worship Satan, I thought to myself, how could that ever become true? I just couldn’t see that ever happening. But lately, it is becoming more and more popular for kids to have Satanic T-shirts, even here in Taiwan! They sell these demonic looking T-shirts with Baphomet, 666, OBEY, Satanic memes and themes, 6 pointed stars, and so-called peace signs. It is incredible. And the Hollywood and Music stars are showing their Satanic penchants in their concerts and movies. It is slowly turning into reality!

And then you see how blindly they follow the corporations. They freely advertise the famous brand names on their hats and T shirts. I often ask them, “Does Nike pay you for advertising, wearing their T shirt logo?” And they are confused, because they don’t even realise that they are freely advertising Brand Names. SO wicked!

The world is on a fast slide into Hell, and Satan is getting ready for his reign, with the ‘Lefties’ as his ground troops, while the ‘Righties’ are reduced to a problem that needs the Leftist reaction to bring the world to synthesis One World Government. Well guys, knock yourselves out on the way to the top, to the reign and rule of Satan. You may love him, but he is a very fickle boss who doesn’t love you, and will just use you as the useful idiot you chose to be, and then he will destroy you.

Why not vote for the so-called “loser” of History, Jesus! He beat the winners in debate and initial popularity, upstaging them for 3 years, until they got their hands public opinion and on Him and killed Him on the cross. But they couldn’t keep Him down, as He resurrected three days later and started the only alternative movement that can ever win this war for the world. Are you with HIM? I hope you are. Because he doesn’t want you to just die for HIM, but HE died for YOU first, and you may want to die for Him as a witness, out of pure love.

May God help us all in the coming difficult times.

Washington’s War on Food

just don’t believe the E.T. part of the story. The UFOs were constructed by Nazi Germany.




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