Assad Visits Exhibition Mingles With Smiling Syrians Making Selfies With Him

Sure it is a PR Video! But here is “the monster” the American Regime likes to vilify in the eyes of the world. And why? Because Israel and the Bankers desires it so. But most Syrians love him! I like him too! He seems a rather humble man with heart-felt reactions. But like Qaddafi they want to take him down and destroy Syria! He is definitely not like a proud Trump or wicked Hillary or smarmy Nethanyahu. He seems a natural affectionate guy. THIS shows the power of the Banker owned media on the public opinion of the world, and unless we break the power of the Mainstream media this world is going down quick into the grimy hands of Satan and his lackeys and sycophants, the Orcs of the isms.

Father of Famous Aleppo Boy Just Exposed How the US & White Helmets Lied to the World

Who are the Green, Yellow and Red Militants in Syria?

In order to simplify the Syrian theater of proxy wars, it can be divided into three separate and distinct zones: that are, the Syrian government-controlled areas, the regions administered by the Syrian Kurds and the areas that have been occupied by the Syrian opposition.   Excluding Idlib Governorate which has been occupied by the Syrian opposition, all the major population centers along the western Mediterranean coast are controlled by the Syrian government: that include, Damascus, Homs, Hamah, Latakia and Aleppo, while the oil-rich Deir al-Zor has been contested between the regime and the Islamic State.

US Is Now Basically in an Illegal undeclared War With Syria and Nobody’s Talking About It

If you were to check the headlines, the home pages, or even the back pages of the world’s largest media outlets right now, you would have no idea that just yesterday, the U.S. launched an illegal act of war against another sovereign government. If you were fortunate enough to see the story buried beneath the more scandalous news stories we are becoming used to, you wouldn’t think much of it either – just another day in Syria, right? The media doesn’t want you to question these developments because they want them to unfold without question. Reporting on these issues would create a dialogue, and out of dialogue comes dissenting opinion.

US-backed rebels kill, capture dozens of Syrian Army soldiers southeast of…

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:30 P.M.) – After the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was bombarded by rebel rockets and American airstrikes on Thursday, a platoon of…

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