US State Sponsored Terrorism: The Nazi-fication of America. What role will Trump play?

A very interesting viewpoint that is well thought through. State sponsored terror like 9-11, WTC bombing, Murray building, and all the false flag attacks, will lead to an important change, namely that the American people will clamour for safety and security, a crackdown on freedom, strong state control, in other words; America will turn into a Nazi state, just as Germany did under Hitler! Now you can perhaps answer the question: What role will Trump play in such a scenario? MUST WATCH

People who blindly trust in Trump to set all things right, are not very astute or smart. Why? Because they haven’t learned from history! And therefore history always repeats itself, precisely because of the greenhorns who think they know it all and haven’t studied history. That is the problem nowadays! The world is ruled by women and children, as the Word says. What does that mean? Let me translate it. the world is ruled by feminists, rebels against men, and children: YOUNG people who have no larder of long study, no wisdom gained from experience, and therefore walk in trap after trap, or are easily ensnared by the Enemy. And the Enemy? They love it so!

Actually the Enemy sponsors women and children. They hijacked the youth eversince the sixties so-called youth revolution. it wasn’t! It was a revolution led by old men in higher institutions like the CIA, CFR, Tavistock institute, and much higher groups that no one may know the names of. Even the Beatles music was actually fashioned by their musical guru at the recording studio who gave them the smart ideas, Mr. Martin.

And that is why the world is doomed and the Endtime is knocking on our doors: The women and children are following the evil old pied pipers behind the scenes, There has not been a time in history when young people were as cocky as they are now, devoid of wisdom, easily led by the nose, easily deceived, and put in charge of important organisations. Sure, Zuckerberg stole the ideas for Facebook himself, but he was surely financed by the CIA and is surely being coached from behind the scenes how to turn his Facebook bonanza into a world government control center by some older people.

So, are you trusting trump? Then you are setting yourself up for failure. “DO NOT put your trust in princes.” says the WORD. You better repent and start trusting the Lord instead, but it is already too late anyway. But thank God, the WORD also promises that he will turn the fathers toward the children in the Endtime. So we should see some bright young people who put their trust in GOD instead and who trust the Fathers, the wise old men, for their counsel and wisdom. Are you one? We sure hope so!

This is Why Evidence NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE Watch this video before it’s too late



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