“Antifa” the Fascist Brownshirt Useful Dupe Wing of the Crypto Marxist (Merkel) German Govt. & Leftist Media Establishment

Hamburg was the scene of organised fascist violence against G20 and normal citizens and their property, all in the name of Leftist “Anti-Capitalism, Anti Fascism, Anti Racism” and other Cultural Marxist sloganry. Germany is being turned inside out by the super-organised violence of masses of hooded, black-clad hooligans and nihilistic thugs spawned, organised, supported, financed, and mobilised by sinister (original meaning sinistra =left) Leftist forces in the German Establishment itself. The main elite goal though is of course DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!! Fracture society and promote Globalism as “the answer!”

The Antifa are the Brownshirts of the burgeoning Fascist Marxist Elite, and if we lived in Germany now, we would be visited and fined by its modern day Nazi police for “hate speech!” Welcome to Germany the ideological leader of 1917 Europe, where the political opposition is intimidated, persecuted, fined, bullied, beaten up, and even killed in some instances. Welcome to the NEW Nazis!

[NOTE: It appears that the US-Antifa is very different from the German Antifa that is comprised of students and people without work, Studies have shown that the vast majority of Germans who consider themselves part of Antifa still live at home with their mom. They are extremely aggressive, hate Germany and the state, and have annual battles with the police on May 1st. They are young, aggressive, and they are ideologues. Some Antifa groups here are supported by Die Linke a newspaper of the Left.]

Germany has turned 180 degrees into the same system Hitler used in Germany before WW2. Zionists & Marxists have taken over Germany since they defeated Germany in WW2. Not only is History written by the winners but the media, state, academia triumvirate is also taken over by the same winners. Ask yourself WHO won WW2 and you will know who is behind the crypto Marxist German State, Media, and who hijacked Academia. And that is why Germany is a lost cause.

The Zionist Leftist media will not only persecute those who love their own country, culture, and traditions, but will also violently hurt and even kill them with the help of their Brownshirts turned Blackshirts. They protect the fascist “Antifa” and the state even supports them, of course also with Zionist Soros help as well, who is behind all or most of these violent and “non” violent ultra leftists. These thugs are the storm troopers of the Zionist One World Government that is being prepared by destroying the Old Order, euphemistically termed “Capitalism”, and the new World Order is already in power behind the scenes violently destroying their anti-globalist enemies.

We are neither Right nor Left, as Children of God we are peacemakers trying to understand what is going on. These German young people and generations before them have been systematically propagandised by the State+Academia+Media triumvirate for these last 70+ years, and the Marxist left is the most organised political machinery behind the scenes, all over Europe. If there is a demonstration anywhere in Europe, US, or even in the 3rd World, you will observe the organisation, the cadre, the red signs, the red slogans, the red flags, the shock troops, belong to the Red Marxist Ultra Left. When the bulk of the demonstrators are the gullible, naive, propagandised individuals, you will see that the organisers and activists are definitely not! These are very well organised, supported, protected, and financed by the state and the Banksters behind these violent shock troops. European govt, academia, and media, and more are co-opted, finished off, transplanted by the globalist Left and their Internationale. And wait just a few years more, and the entire world will be turned into a “Red Paradise” of financial surveillance tyranny with a nice humanitarian mask, and all these useful dupes with their little facemasks and backpacks and brass knuckles, will rue the day when they were used by these higher echelons of hidden crypto Marxists and Zionists when they will be reduced to mere thought and work slaves by the same people who are using them now.

This is a video by the right wing patriotic side exposing the modus operandi of these violent thugs and their state supporters.


here follows a pretty good expose of Antifa and their black bloc tactic, by Sargon of Akkad, whom we do not support, but shows that these black bloc activists are like a violent cult with their own catechism. He fails to see the manipulation by the elite of these groups as Brown-shirts to intimidate political enemies.



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