Expert: Vatican/Clinton Foundation Worked Together To Traffic Children – Globalist Political Pope Pushing Islam

I trust Leo Zagami – a former insider – more than Jones and Cernovich. He shows that the Pope is not a Catholic but a political Globalist Freemason Jesuit that is pushing against Christianity, against sovereign nation states, for more African Mohammedan immigration, against Putin and Trump, etc. Mr. “Francis” Bergoglio is working for the Devil, more than any pope before. When are Catholics waking up? I guess it is too late.

Italy’s Backlash to Soaring Invasion (start at 1.19)

You see, it is not the fault of the Africans or the Mohammedans. All this replacement of populations in Europe is the fault of the Europeans themselves. It is the same thing that happened in the last 1500 years in the Middle East, North Africa, Greece, Southern Europe. When the Christians forsook their faith, GOD let the Mohammedans take over. They are the curse coming over the former Christians who forsake their salvation, who kick Jesus out of the front door and so the Devil comes into the front door.

Europeans didn’t want to have their style cramped and their hearts humbled by love and mercy of Christ, and now their children will marry Muslims and their grandchildren will be Mohammedans living under Shariah law! We can’t blame it all on the Marxists or the Zionists. God could save the Europeans as he did in the days of Martel and the Battle of Tours and 500 years ago when the Mohammedans were at the gates of Vienna.

God could save their countries again, as he is obviously doing in the blessed cases of Hungary, Poland, Check Rpc, Russia, Slovakia, etc. God could increase their birthrates, save their marriages, help their youth live wholesome lives, root out the Marxists and Zionist media. But He won’t do it for those Europeans – like the Swedes for example! – who willfully go against everything that Heaven stands for!

Even Confucius here in China, knew that a ruler and/or a nation has to be in harmony with Heaven, for it to prosper and be safe. So PLEASE don’t blame it on the Africans and the Mohammedans… blame it on your SELVES! YOU allowed your tyrannical rich to destroy and exploit their countries and hurt, maim, and kill their populations with impunity, and THAT is still going on today on a large scale, and you didn’t care! 

It is written in the Divine Codex of God’s Word: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God!” Psalm 9:17 You forgot the Christian God of Love and mercy, the God that didn’t even want to throw a stone at an adulterous woman, and so you will be (or are already!) forced to live with or even under the merciless loveless Shariah law of the Mohammedans, whether you like it or not. God help us all.

Well, if you are a child of God in Europe, may God bless and protect you and make you a blessing to the stragglers in the faith of Christ, or even to some immigrants that are tired of the loveless merciless head chopping, hand cutting laws of Mohamed. May we all witness to the last children of God that are still lost in all the nations of this God-forsaking world. There is still a lot of gleaning to do, a lot of Christian outreach, street witnessing, tracting, etc, to the last children of God still lost in the Matrix. (And please don’t do any of that self-righteous street preaching with signposts and bullhorns like those immature Americans)

The End is upon us, no matter what the Marxists promise about their fantastic New World Order that will turn dystopia and blame you for, Jesus said he would rise again and He did! he said he would come again and He will! Whether they will hear or whether they will forebear. This world is sliding into their self dug abyss of selfishness and lawlessness and pride, and only if they turn and change their mind about and toward Jesus, will they be saved. So lets tell them folks, for the last time, before they shut Christendom down, close our churches as they want and will do, take away our Bibles, shut our voices, shut us into jails, and even take off our heads. It is only for a short time that tribulation will be on the menu. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Are you with us? Are you witnessing with us? Are you in the spiritual trenches with us, or are you still luxuriating in “fun fellowships” and “yearning praise meetings” instead of going into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature, as He really told us to do. Remember he never said anywhere, “Thou shalt go to church on Sunday”. Jesus was a street Christ and He was doing what He told us to do, to be street Christians and reach the lost where they are the easiest to be reached. Are you following in His literal street footsteps? “Here in is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit and so shall ye be my disciples!” John 15:8.

Are you? I hope so for them and for you!

See the video and listen to how bad its getting… Forget about Jones. Listen to Zagami and pray for him.


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